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Evanut and CNC machine

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  • Evanut and CNC machine

    Hello everyone
    Does anyone have any experience using the Evanut on a CNC engraving type machine.
    I am wondering if the speed of the lead screw rotation might create a heat issue on the threads of the nut.
    Thx in advance

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    Hi, I've been using Evanuts on my plasma cnc machine for a year now. I'm using 3mm pitch leadscrews and speeds up to 1500 mm / min when cutting up to now. I'm to lazy to do the maths now, what speed this gives at the nut, but it works excellent! I measured the play about two monts ago or so and my dial indicator said something around 0.03 mm.
    I'm not using it continuously, but hey, if the play gets to big, machine another one....

    Regards, Peter


    I think I never mentioned this in the Evanut thread, but thank you so much Evan for this trick!!!!!!


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      0.03 mm play?


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        When molding the nut, there becomes a fairly large area of contact between the nut and the screw where the fit is virtually perfect. The slight give in the nut allows for relative motion, yet with little to no 'play'. It will remain like this for a long time given a couple of conditions- the screw has a smooth surface that won't tend to eat the nut, and no abrasive dusts, etc can make their way into it.

        A rolled lead screw is essentially free of ridges that would eat the nut, and most lead screws are rolled that I've seen anyway. It doesn't surprise me that play can be insignificant even after lots of use.
        I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-