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Anyone heard of this?

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  • Anyone heard of this?
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    Nope. Sounds like a club. Picky on the dress code too.


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      skillsusa is a tech/trade colledge contest format. It's for students to compete in making little projects in a given time. Like a Vicca contest.

      I think it's funny they limit the max rpm you can run the mill to 1500 and lathe to 1000.


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        wow serious brainwashing crap.

        "To create enthusiasm for learning" is part of the:
        a) SkillsUSA Creed
        b) SkillsUSA Purposes
        c) SkillsUSA Motto
        d) SkillsUSA Pledge

        10. What color represents the individual, which is the most important element of SkillsUSA?
        a) Gold
        b) White
        c) Red
        d) Blue

        24. The official SkillsUSA dress does NOT include:
        a) Black skirt or black slacks
        b) White dress shirt
        c) White dress socks
        d) Clear seamless nylons


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          Each contestant will need to bring there own tools.

          I thought it was spelled "their". Shows how much I know. I am not a college student therefore I don't know eveything. I'm only a teacher.


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            Correct English would be:

            Each student needs to bring his own tools.

            or, for the PC whackos, his/her.
            Regards, Marv

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            Location: LA, CA, USA


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              Of course, if you can't make it in the precision machining you could always compete in the hair styling/nail painting contest.


              "Your student(s) will be able to take the mannequins home with them"

              Starting to sound kinky...

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              Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                There is a Skills Canada, too. Many other countries as well. As a matter of fact, just last week the provincials were held in Vancouver BC. It was pretty good, although the feds are crying poverty and can't seem to come up with the funding they used too. I have been a judge for about the last six-seven years. It's about the only show around that showcases technical training.


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                  Ranching skills distilled down to Rodeo, logging to timber sports, now the machine shop apprenrice programs and vocational schools are reduced to competing in a sissy dress code working sissy projects.

                  Here's dress code:

                  For workers in the machine shop: clean bibs or shop apron, no jewelry, simple strong work clothes underneath. Safety glasses. 6" safety shoes or higher. Safety hat if required. Billed cap or brimmed hat optional. Full coveralls for the performance of dirty work. Machinists are individual skilled workers who work well in cooperation but fiercely resist regementation. You want comformity join the Marines.

                  For supervisors and office weenies: Clean white work shirt and dark work slacks, 6" safety shoes, safety glasses safety hat if required. Howard Hughes hat traditional but optional.

                  Seems to me the goal in a vocational/apprentice contest would be to team build a working steam engine than some sissy project like desk art.


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                    Haven't seen those rules at Skills Canada, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. We provide our contestants with coveralls and safety glasses. I suppose the code is supposed to increase the "professionalism" of the contestants to the unskilled. We all know you tell a guy's professionalism by what he can do not his pedicure but as VoTech seems to be always administered by academics it's a strange world.