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I need a machinst in central Ohio to grind some metric threads----

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  • I need a machinst in central Ohio to grind some metric threads----

    I am converting my Kwik Way valve grinder over to ER 25 collets.

    Everything is done but grinding threads for collet holder which is above my expertise.

    Or Info as where I can get this done would be great.


    You can contact me at

    [email protected]

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    I think [email protected] over on PM has some Excello
    machines he does thread grinding with.



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      Do you really mean "grind" some threads? Ground threads are pretty rare and only used where extreme accuracy is required. Collet drawbars and most other threads in equipment are "cut" threads. Threads can be cut with a lathe, with a dies and by other means. Cutting threads on a lathe is a pretty basic operation that any reasonably skilled metal lathe operator can do. Its also a LOT cheaper than ground threads.

      If its the threads that hold the er collet into its taper, they are also not critical, the taper is what forms the precision, not the thread.


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        Minnesota Grinding in Crystal MN has several CNC Drake thread grinders that are made in Warren OH. I taught some scraping classes there many moons ago and scraped 2 Drake Grinders at MN grinding the last couple of years. Drake may know someone close so give them a call. Rich


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          Thanks for the replies.
          Local machinst said metal was to hard to cut, is the reason for inquiring about grinding threads.
          How hard a metal can you cut threads on?
          Thanks again


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            I would like to try turning something hardened for threads, but I don't know if there is inserts for such available easily. Usually the "hardest" material that is used to make threads in to is something prehardened in the 30-42 HRC range.
            Amount of experience is in direct proportion to the value of broken equipment.


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              I dont know how far along you are or what your converion looks like , but on ebay is a complete er25 unit that has a male no 2 morse taper for about 20 dollars.It might be easier to adapt this.. Edwin
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