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  • drill press improvement

    so i had a number of these guys, never knew what to do with them:

    one of them was perfect:

    (i even was able to take a clamping plate from one of them, that had contersunk holes and fit the base of this one perfectly. lucky i.) it took me 15 min or less to do this.

    i can either clamp on the way of the vice or on the sloted side, using the maple block.

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    There's a company called that has machined blocks(plates), that are set up to accept the toggle clamps like you've shown, but are equipped to use the popular "T" bolts, that engage a track.

    50F01.30 is the T-Track toggle clamp plate
    50F01.32 is the plate with a high profile clamp
    50F01.31 is the plate with a low profile clamp
    50F01.33 is the plate with an inline clamp


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      I bought a vice grip clamp that works in a similar fashion. Have been using it for years to hold the milling vice in place.


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        While on the subject of improvements, my favorites are a stop clamp under the table to prevent an unschedualed drop of the table. Also I always rig a reversing switch actuated by a foot microswitch. This allows me to have both hands free and able to instantly shut down if something grabs. I use it for tapping and withdrawing also.
        Another feature I need to do something about is put a speed control on the D.C. motor. "Currently" ;o)) I have to change belting like everyone else and just running it with a full-wave bridge rectifier.