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  • UPS Freight pays up

    On a different thread about "Shame Shipping Companies" I complained about the cargo company breaking my Monarch 10ee while shipping it. I got this lathe off a government auction web site and had UPS Cargo ship it. It arrived with obvious damage to the backside including a broken taper attachment casting, a tailstock hand wheel broken, a collet rack destroyed. I did pay for shipping insurance but after reading multiple tales of freight companies never paying off on these claims I came to believe I would never see a dime or only see 10 cents a pound for my damages. I initially sent a freight claim with an estimate from Monarch to repair this along with pre-shipping photos as well as post-shipping photos on the UPS dock. The Monarch estimate exceeded the value of the lathe and was rejected. I then sent another estimate including prices for used parts I was able to find on the interweb. Today I got a check from UPS. I am pleased to say the least.

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    Good on ya....

    Shows there's blood in a turnip after all.
    CNC machines only go through the motions


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      +1, Good for you!

      So could we hear a few more of the details?

      What did you pay for the lathe?

      How was the insurance represented? In other words did you believe it was "replacement cost coverage" or ??

      How was the insurance priced? Could you have insured for a larger amount?

      Did the payment include anything for your time or just parts only?


      If you don't want me/us prying into your affairs, that would be ok also.


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        I type my congratulations with incredulty.

        No such luck with my claim. Despite your good fortune, I
        will continue to boycott UPS for a host of reasons.



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          I'm glad it worked out for you.


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            Sorry to hear about your EE shopping mishap.

            When shipping those EE some of the parts on the outside edges of the lathe should be removed and packed in the clean out tray.

            For the ultimate in sticker shock just price NEW parts from Monarch. Luckly they also have used parts from time to time and parts are also on Ebay.

            I'm glad you found the parts you needed.
            Tell us more aboutyour lathe. What year is it ? what options and drive systems. Any pictures?

            If you need any help with the lathe there is a special Monarch section over on the Practical Machinist forum site.

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              Good for you, glad it worked out.