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Options for powering a TOS FNK25 mill

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  • Options for powering a TOS FNK25 mill

    As the title suggests, I'm exploring the various options for getting power to my mill.

    The mill is a TOS FNK25 mill, which was previously running 575V 3 Phase input. My current garage has only 220V 1 Phase power.

    As I understand, the two options are:

    A: Rotary Phase converter with a 3 phase transformer
    B: Transformer with a VFD

    Now, this mill has 3 motors built into it (mill head, cross feed and coolant pump). As it has 3 motors, does that change what I'd need to power it? I'm hopeful to go down the road of the Transformer and VFD, however I'm not sure it will work in this case.

    Any thoughts or options or advice?

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    I have the same mill and I love this machine! I have a 5HP Rotary Phase Converter and 600V transformer (12KVA??). This setup has worked well for years.


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      With the three motors on the mill, you will either need 3 separate VFDs feeding 3 transformers, or the one RPC and transformer. There are a few other less practical solutions too. The only one I would consider is the RPC and transformer. RPC's are very easy to build, and cheap if you find a surplus 3ph motor for an idler. I have the RPC / transformer feeding a 575 V grinder with 3 motors - it works well. I did have to balance the output to keep the heaters from kicking out the spindle motor.


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        Thanks for the comments guys. Time to Build a RPC!