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Enco lathe question?

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  • Enco lathe question?

    This ones driving me crazy. 9x20, don't have the model number now but it's the same as a Grizzly which I've used for users manual (which is so much more complete than the useless photocopied Encos I see online and in print) and parts as I've messed a few things up on a rebuild without info. Anyway here's the question. There's a lever to tension the belt for spindle speeds on the top. Forward toward you and the tensioner is off the belt and it's slack for making changes, back away from you and the belt is tensioned-either way the spindle moves when started-I think. There is a sentence in the Enco manual that states
    Note:To advoid breaking of the belt move tension lever toward you before starting.
    Well, This will slacken the belt and when I did this then moved the lever away tightening it I broke a belt!! To be honest, I'm not sure if I had the belt in the right location on the correct pulleys... Like I said, not enough info

    Well, I've just thoroughly read the whole Grizzly manual for a lathe that is exactly like mine- tension lever and all and this statement is not there, matter of fact it states to losses the tensioner, make belt changes, the put lever back in tension position!! Before starting the motor!!
    I've got another belt coming but before I break this one I need a definitive answer.
    What gives? Tension Off or ON, before starting???

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    Sorry for the double post


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      Been a long time since I've had the original setup on my lathe, but when I still did I never released the tension except to change speeds. I still use the same belt from the spindle to the jackshaft, but beyond that it's a different motor, etc. I still don't relax the tension before starting.

      I think it's probably best to leave it engaged, as that puts some pre-stress on the belt so it doesn't have any tendency to ride up the pulleys, or whip, or potentially catch on something.
      I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-