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Interchangeable tip Live Centers?

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  • Interchangeable tip Live Centers?

    What do you guys think of the "Live Center Kits" -- I'm seeing some kits with 5 to 7 changeable tips.

    I'm actually just looking for a 'long nose' (reduced tip) live center and I'm running across these kits at
    attractive prices (maybe that's the tip off) -- they include bull noses and bells, etc.

    Anyone use one of these (import ~$100-$150)? Thoughts good or bad?

    I don't really need a 0.0001" center.. but prefer only cutting tapers when I want a taper.

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    The kit I got is an import and was in that price range but probably not the ones you are referring to...mine is a pretty high quality Japanese made item. I bought it with versatility in mind, for use on those odd occasions when...
    But I am finding I too am looking for a longer nose version, the kit has smaller tips but none that put a lot more space between the roller elements and the actually point.
    One of the reasons I got it, other than the good price, was it had a couple of bull nose centers and I work a reasonable amount with tube/pipe/cylinders but either they are not big enough or the angle is a bit wrong and so has the same effect (just an opinion of course since I have nothing to compare it to, if the angles on the ones I have were continued to add say another half inch of diameter, the thing would need to be soooooooooooo deep it would weigh far too much given its MT # 2 size)


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      I have the import set and have used it a few times for weird setups. It's well made, accurate and works well. I just researched 'long nose' live centers the other day. They are typically called CNC centers...Grizzly has a whole bunch and the prices aren't too steep. There is a seller on eBay that sells new ones that seem reasonable as well.



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        Some centers, Skoda in particular have a long internal straight shaft that runs in the bearings. I have dis assembled one and set up true and turned the existing tip to the diameter and length back as needed. They can be turned with carbide and of course they are tough.
        You can also make your own hardened tip for the simpler sealed ball bearing type. I have one where the tip diameter behind the center point is only about .200 in diameter and about an inch long. Great for the small diameter jobs and leaves plenty of room or the tool.


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          I have a cheap import set, very handy and plenty true for me. I have 3 bells in my set that are great for aligning threading dies on things you don’t want to single point, push on the back of the die itself through the handle and it’s held square to the lathe axis.
          Anybody that thinks they know it all doesn’t even know enough to understand they know nothing!


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            I have two of the import sets and they work quite well. I have also made extra tips for special applications. Yhey will never be as accurate as a dead center, but for most machining they work very well.


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              There is a skoda mt3 on eBay right now at a nice price. It looks like the user beat it out though.

              I have a Rohm interchangeable MT2 at work, very nice piece.