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  • OT - Another XP/Explorer Question

    For the last couple of weeks my browser has been acting squirrely. I'm connected via cable and when I first set this system up about 9 months ago my internet/browser speeds were every bit as fast as I had expected. The symptom is this - when I click on a web page, the page at first loads very fast, then gets slower... and slower... and often then quits before fully loading. I can connect to a local IPS speed test webpage (RoadRunner), click on the test and actually watch my connection speed diminish as the test progresses. I have also noticed the problem is sporadic. I have setup and run AdAware, Spybot, Spyware Blaster, HiJack This, CWSShredder and while these applications have found and I have fixed (or thought I fixed) some problems, the situation persists. I followed Evan's advise in an earlier thread in using the "services.msc" in disabling various running services and while that sped up my computer it did not solve the browser/internet problem. I downloaded an application called Pest Patrol which supposedly identified another 108 "pests" lurking in my system - however, I can't get rid of the pests unless I buy the application. I'm not willing to buy it if it doesn't fix the problem. I'm running MS XP on a Dell Dimension 4600. Any advise would be appreciated - I've searched the web for solutions but have been hampered by the very problem I'm trying to research. I'd like to get this resolved so I can spend less time trying to fix the computer and more time playing with my lathe.

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    Step one: Download Firefox and see if it has the same problem.
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      Thankee Evan. I'll try that this evening and post here what happens.


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        Evan, I downloaded Firefox last night and browsed a bit with it. No problems on it... however, my IE browswer was also behaving itself. I did a Spyware Blaster scan before shutting off the system last night - no problems found. This morning when I started the computer I saw that my IE had been hijacked; it opened on a dating webpage. Firefox had not been hijacked. I think I got a bug well entrenched in the system, perhaps in the registry.


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          I spend every day rooting out that kind of crap from my customer's systems. Use firefox instead of IE. It doesn't have the vulnerabilities that IE has and can't be hijacked. IE can have "plugins" installed and the usual registry settings are not involved. It can be next to impossible to remove some of the hijackers. This is of course intentional.

          BTW, there have been some serious problems with the net lately and that might be what you were seeing. I couldn't get to anything on the west coast at all on Friday. I did a trace route to Google and it had to hop to the East coast first to get to Google (in California).

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            You're right, Evan. I noticed the slowdown on the web and realized that not all my problems were related specifically to my computer. I have been using Firefox - didn't even know it existed until you pointed it out and I appreciate it. I noticed yesterday as well that Microsoft had yet another bunch of "fixes" to download, all of them were IE security-related. Thanks again for the help.


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              Thanks for that link. I downloaded it and got it setup and it seems to run fine.
              One thing I have noticed is that Firefox doesn't forget settings like IE did.
              I used to set Google to only accept English web pages but IE used to keep forgetting the settings every time.

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                One thing to be aware of with Firefox is that it has a setting to control popup windows. The default setting is to block all popups. That is not always desirable as some websites depend on popups, CNN is one that does. If you need to enable popups go to "Tools">"Options" and select Web Features. You can then either enable popups or add a specific site to the list of sites allowed to use popups.
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