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    Heads up on Amazon.

    I assume others have had the experience I just had with Amazon. I ordered a 60 degree dovetail cutter from them. The seller claimed they "usually shipped" within two to three days. I received an e-mail from EverBest(worst?) telling me they were shipping it directly from China and it could take 6 weeks or more.

    Below is the claim made by Amazon/EverBest when I ordered a dovetail cutter from them:

    Only 2 left in stock.
    Usually ships within 2 to 3 days.
    Ships from and sold by EverBest.

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    I have to constantly remind my wife that there is a difference between Amazon and the Amazon Marketplace. We have been prime members since Amazon introduced the program. She gets used to the 2 day shipping, and when she doesn't pay attention, she'll place a Marketplace order and expect it to arrive in 2 days. When it doesn't, I have to explain, again, that if it doesn't say "ships from", it can take months to arrive, typically direct from China.

    More tools than sense.


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      Amazon or ebay is last place I'd go for cutters, drills or measuring instruments. And even then I won't purchase anything that isn't a recognized brand. My most common sources are McMaster Carr and MSC. They have a pretty wide selection, but the various grades are clearly identified.

      "Usually ships within 2 to 3 days" really says very little. Like the part being drop shipped from China (or somewhere else) in this case.


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        I seldom ever buy anything online if it's something I need ASAP for a customer job.McMaster and Msc get my business there.

        I never use Amazon for tooling or cutters.The prices aren't that good,the selection even worse and apparently the navigation index was not built by anybody with machineshop supply experience.

        I do buy a good bit of tooling off Ebay,especially inserts.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          Easy fix, cancel the order. If they won't do it contact Amazon customer service, they will terminate the order for you.
          Central Ohio, USA


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            So far, both Amazon and the seller have refused to cancel the order. Amazon has disavowed all responsibility for the trans action. Below are the responses from Amazon and the seller:

            Message From Customer Service

            I'm so sorry to hear that it takes too long for the item to arrive and EverBest, a seller on our website told you that it will take 6 weeks for the item to be delivered.

            Please be advised that we can't directly intervene with marketplace transactions like this, as doesn't handle the listing or shipping of Amazon Marketplace items.

            Since it was the seller who processed and shipped your order, they should be able to give you more information about the order, process a replacement, or initiate a refund if that's necessary.

            I've also checked your account and I can see that the seller sent you a message. The following message was sent to you by EverBest:

            My friend, you don't have to wait 6 weeks.Normally, it needs about 3 weeks and you can get that.
            Some cities are faster.If you can not receive that then, I will refund your money back.Is this ok?

            Thank you and if you need any help, contact me.

            Thank you and best regards!


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              FWIW, I've ordered a few small items via Amazon Marketplace ( China) and it has never taken over 2 weeks for them to arrive.