OK, I know the title may sound contradictory, but more and more I am finding myself wanting a small CNC "router type" machine ...... basically for nothing more than PBC making. I have made PCB's for so many years i can do it in my sleep, but things have changed since my youth and its getting harder and harder to make your own now. Used to tape up films and have negatives made for photo resist work..... Now the spray resist is next to impossible to find, and tape is a thing of the part (all cad now). I find "Photo resist transfers" are great for bulky stuff, but for fine trace work they suck.

Anyway, what I want is a small CNC type machine that will process small board (max size would be 12" x 24"), even something using a dremel as its spindle assembly. I would have no problem making the assembly (thats half the fun) but after a few days searching there is so much stuff out there im now confused as hell.

Have seen MANY kits with look really good, but I sure cant drop a few grand on one, plus making your own stuff is half the fun. Problem is you also have to buy plans, and you could get 40 sets before finding one you liked. Also, the LAST thing I want to have to do is buy a $10K autocad package thats so hard to use its easier and quicker to pick the copper off the board by hand. I use FREE PCB software (had a great one that went belly up, now I use design spark) and want something that I can use ITS file format to run it (and while I spent many years writing machine code software, I DONT want to do that lol).

So, I guess Im asking if anyone has made one, or used a good one .... anything that can start me on the right track to making one.