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  • keyboard question cnc

    Quick question. (never pluged it in yet)...will a USB key board work on a computer with USB ports but running in full DOS? no windows on computer. Its a late model with the USB ports but only dos on it. Using it to run Turbocnc on my mill (yes works perfect and well...I see no need to change just yet lol) .
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    it should. depends what you call late model. Used to be that the OS loaded the drivers
    so you had to wait till windows started up do use it. It was a pain if you had to do something
    with the bios because drivers weren't loaded yet hence no mouse.

    But .. yea .. its pretty much handled by the bios now a days. you should be good.

    Mike A
    John Titor, when are you.


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      I know that for thumb drive to work with USB & DOS a driver has to be loaded with the config.sys and the will not hot swap.
      It has to be present at boot-up.
      If the PC has a PS2 socket, you can also use a USB/PS2 convertor adaptor plug.
      Also may help to get a bootable copy of DOS 7.1 I think you can still download it from a couple of sites.


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        Yes, USB keyboards work in dos. Sometime you may need to enable legacy support in bios but usually it works right out of the box. Flash drives are a different story though you can boot from them on virtually all newer computers. The issue you will have is DOS is going to be particular about the partition sizes and formats.


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          Plugged it in this AM worked perfect ! thanks
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