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WTB: Used Square Column Mill Washington / Oregon

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  • WTB: Used Square Column Mill Washington / Oregon

    Looking for a Good Used Milling Machine...

    I have Been trying to order a new one from Grizzly "G0704" but they seem to never be in stock when they have a good price or when I have the liquid cash and as usual I have the funds but they are out of stock. So if you have one of these machine that is no longer in use let me know I am a serious buyer. Can pick up in Washington or Oregon Maybe Idaho?

    Like the BF20 BF30 or Seig X3 X4 Size... Most the Machines are similar

    What would be Perfect and Preferred is a Used Grizzly G0704 or other Square Column Mill, Precision Matthews PM25MV PM30MV, Lathemaster LMT25L, Optimum BF20 or BF30, Etc. Some links to the machine types.

    Tooling, Vice, Collet's, DRO's etc. would be a Plus. No CNC at this time I plan on outfitting my own over time?

    Links to some machines i am looking at now:

    Best to contact me on my text 5 zero 3-4 Seven 5-334 Seven