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New to me boring bars what insert type.

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  • New to me boring bars what insert type.

    Hello Group,
    Just got these boring bars second hand ( Kennametal A10-STFPR2 NA6 5/8"OD.) ( SANDVIK COROMANT S06M SCLR-2 EM6 3/8" OD.)
    ( CARBOLY SECO TOOLS CO. S1-MWLNR-12-3 3/4" OD.)
    and a mix of inserts in different sizes that don't look like they fit. Did a search and found some information on identification of inserts but how do you know what goes in each boring bar? I will be doing a lot of reading trying to educate my self on this but until then I hope someone can give me a clue as to what goes where with the proper ID of these boring bars and what fits them. Then I will sort through the bits and figure out what goes where if any.

    Thanks in advance from a newbie at this HSM stuff.

    Mr fix it for the family

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    The quickest way, unless I "know" based on previous searches/needs, I have found is to do a search with the identification of the bar as the search your example, you should end up at various catalogs from Kennametal, Sandvik and SECO. Basically the second letter after the first dash or space (those most often have to do with size, e.g. Kennametal A10 is 10 16ths or that 5/8" OD) gives the basic shape. I don't know the SECO one but the Kennametal is a triangle, the Sandvik a 80 degree diamond.
    Anyone of those catalogs you come across will/should have a legend of sorts that will spell out specifically how that particular manufacturer designates the "name" coding (it can vary slightly if something is special about the holder). There are some subtle differences as, IIRC, that Kennametal is 11 degrees positive and the Sandvik is 7 degrees positive which that particular letter IDs (I just forget off the top of my head which letter does what)

    Edit: had to think, that SECO is the "W" shape, sort of a truncated triangle; you have three different shapes of inserts, but each one of the shapes can come in varying sizes, if you have the box or original container that will go a long way to telling you if they will fit the particular holder or not. If you don't have the box, or the seller did not tell you, you will have to do some fairly precise measurements and there again the catalog will help since the basic size part of the ID is the size of the circle contained by the outside shape (yeh, a bit odd but makes a lot of sense when the system is known) MSC P 930, Big Book

    Edit II: did you get screws (for holding down the inserts) with the bars? Hope so, since if not, that can be a whole other "adventure" search (some of the threads by different manufacturers are close but not identical, so once again the catalogs will help for that, usual under spare parts)

    Edit III: to start, try this, not entirely up-to-date I suspect but a very good start
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      For the Kennametal bar you need TPMT or TPGT in 21.5x size.
      For the Coromant bar you need CCMT of CCGT in 21.5x size.
      For the Seco boring bar you need WNMG, WNGG or similar in 33x size.


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        Thanks for the help it is great information exactly what I needed.
        One question though, the SECO bar seems like it won't take the WNMG,WNGG which I have some of each. They go about 1/3 of the way on to the pin for holding them but it won't seat all the way down to put the angle arm over it. Do you use a little force to seat it or is there something else that I am doing wrong or missing here.
        Again Thanks for the very good information and help.

        Mr fxit for the family


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          The "pin" is an eccentric screw. Have you tried to first back it off by a 1/2 a turn or more?