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what is this chuck on ebay

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  • what is this chuck on ebay

    what is this ?
    I have never seen one, but I have seen an indexable chuck I but don't recognise this at all. Alistair
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    I see they are "unable to test it". Probably like me, they don't have a clue how

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      These type chucks are used in production where they need to machine part features in one chucking that are typically at 90 or 180 degrees apart.

      The chuck looks like it's controlled by air coming into the back from the 6 or so ports which appear to have o-rings to seal them. So it's no surprise that it can't be tested without the special connection.

      I'm surprised the three mounting studs are so small in relation to the chuck diameter. This may not be a chuck designed for high speed spindle mounting, maybe for stationary use.


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        We did some elbows for the railroads for a while, and it sure would have been nice to have one of those at that time. We built a jig to hold them in a regular chuck.
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          The pictures aren't working in the listing.


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            As the description says it's a chuck for holding pipe elbows for machining.
            Not sure about it being air operated as it could wind the clamp down with the allen screws at the front.
            The fitting is for an Herbert lathe, I still have some spare faceplates for one of these.
            Forkardt make some very nice and very expensive specialised chucks.
            They are one of the few people who make a three jaw chuck where the teeth are straight on the rear of the jaws so you can reverse them as opposed to being curved like on most chucks.
            A lot of CNC machines use their chucks.

            John S.

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