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Source for steel bands/hoops?

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  • Source for steel bands/hoops?

    I am looking for something about like a bandsaw blade 0.75" to 1.5" wide in a food grade stainless that can run around a 0.5" radius on the thin side at a speed of 180 IPM (maybe less). Sorta flexible on overall band length and anything from 15"-35" should work.

    Is that something that could be found on a shelf anywhere, or would I have better luck getting somebody to try to weld up some strips in a bandsaw blade welder?

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    If the smallest radius will be .5", it would seem to me that the band would have to be very thin. And even then it will be subject to early fatigue failure. I doubt you could weld a thin enough band with a bandsaw blade welder, but it could be TIG welded


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      Just an idea, but 316 is food-grade stainless. Could you not just shear a strip off of a sheet of light gauge, (22-26?) sheet and have it TIGged into a loop? I dont know the gauge of cosmetic sheet used un kitchens, but it has to be creased to stiffen it, (hence the diamond pattern.)
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        The OP is looking for a band .75" to 1.5" wide to run around a 1" dia. roller. Ain't gonna happen unless the material is very thin. I'd think that anything over .005" - .010" is going to fail very fast...
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          Industrial insulators use stainless steel banding to hold the metal shrouding on to the insulation. It would work but I don't know if it would be wide enough for your application.
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            The plant that I used to work at used steel bands, but they were huge! (75" wide, >100' on centers). They were made by Berndorf and Sandvik. Mitsmi makes more normal size belts, but their minimum pulley size is 50mm for a .1mm 304H band. Widths from 10 to 150mm. Circumference up to 10 meters.

   has a design guide if you register and has drive belts in your size range as well. I think they go thin enough for a 1" pulley.