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Need Advice, best 3d modeling software to gcode

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  • Need Advice, best 3d modeling software to gcode

    I got a few hundreds saved up. I need some cadcam software.

    I have been getting bye with just ace convertor and autocad. I wrote several subroutines to use visual basic with a joystick but the math functions are a little much. Timing even with directX calls slips by the nature of windows os.
    I have yet to install a copy of EMC for machinery control.

    My machine (bridgeport) currently runs turbocnc.

    What is the best with the shortest learning curve? Modeling.. to gcode.. bobcadcam? V18?


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    Picked up HSM's recent issue, saw the price drop on bobcadcam.. bought it. (v19)

    Did I mess up? I can tell you in a few weeks..

    The 3d text engraving, sold me. Watch the bike shows for some of my "JUNK" to show up.
    I make junk rapidly with a cnc.. HA HA..


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      I was hoping this post would go a little further before you bought one. Guess I will have to ask for answers myself.
      David from jax
      A serious accident is one that money can't fix.


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        I was going to recommend MasterCam to you.

        I got turned off by the high pressure sales tactics of the BobCam staff. They hound you pretty continuously and agressively after you download their demo. I didn't care for their style and they just seemed a little abrupt and demanding. They called me the first time the day after I downloaded it and I hadn't had a chance to install it. I still get calls from them after I told them I wasn't interested.


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          Well they have gotten off on the wrong foot. Salesman Dave, he took my credit card number and told me it would be delivered on Tuesday, yesterday.

          I called for a tracking number and they referred me "four" hours later to a fast talking (probably speed freak) who was packing my order "TUESDAY" for shipment.

          I guess me and you are the only two that actually do what we say. HA HA.. GaMachinist told me you sent his manuals back.



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            If you are interested in an older version 17 email me off list.
            I promise NO HARD sell.
            At my age there's not a lot left to go hard

            John S.

            Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.