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  • Adjustable Shop/Die Table

    I am currently designing an adjustable shop/die table for use around the mill and lathe area of the shop.

    It will be used to move chucks, vises, rotary tables and such to and from the machines. It also may be drafted for service when I wish to move other heavier items around like my surface plate when the need arises.

    One of the questions I have is "How big should I make the table surface?"

    The bigger the table the more awkward it is to use in a crowded shop environment but the larger table surface, the larger the item it could move. Any suggestions for a convenient size? I am thinking a good guess for a table size would be one sized for tooling and accessories common to a Bridgeport mill and a 12"-14" engine lathe. If so, then what would this be?

    I am also designing in a detachable boom so the table can be used as a small crane to reach items higher than its table top can reach. It will be designed so it stores under the mill or lathe when it is lowered to its lowest height. It will have stops on the casters so the table doesn't decide to move on its own at an inconvenient moment. I could also see where a table top that could rotate would be useful.

    Any suggestions anyone can offer in on the subject of adjustable shop furniture would be appreciated since the next project is a adjustable height welding table.



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    Small enough to store under a bridgeport, with a boom? Don't want to pick up much do you? The size and weight of the item will have to offset the mechanical disadvantage of the boom.
    As far as the table top size, adding folding wings to it will increase the table size when you need a larger one.
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      KBC has a nice one for an example that goes from the floor to over 50 inches high and lifts 750 pounds.


      Page 881, top right hand corner at


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        If its a swing boom you will need significant amount of ballast in the base to prevent tipping. Keep the table area small because it will be more mobile and won't collect too many tools. Several small tables are better than one large one in my opinion.


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          I gave away a handicap bed trapeze type system made from really light 1x1 tubing.
          A roll around cart is really cool in the shop. I have been looking at several. I need a place to store tooling/jigs/indexer too.
          I have thought of making a 1x2 rect bridge from the mill to the wall, coming off the mill aux mount on the other end from the head. That'd be strong enough to lift that heavy indexer I have. (250lbs) I keep lifting it off the floor with a bad back. Not helping any..



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            mine is 18 x 18 on 3 in channel vertcals with a worm gear winch. It is just low enough to go under the beams, maybe a little on the heavy side but you will use it for more then you think.