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Cleaning, oils, grease question.

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  • Cleaning, oils, grease question.

    My new to me Jet 1024P (Late 70's, taiwan) lathe has been sitting 30+ years in a heated basement workshop, my friend bought it new and never learned to use it. I think it was used a handful of times so it shouldn't be worn out. It is likely in great mechanical condition, everything looks good other than a patina and cracked paint.

    There is still some old grease in the gears and everything slides smooth as butter but it seems reasonable to freshen things up a bit before I start using/learning the machine. I have read many threads on the matter and am hoping that someone can offer direct advice on what lubes I should purchase for the different parts of the machine.

    My Taiwan Jet 1024P manual says all oilers should be oiled with SAE 20 oil and that all grease nipples with Keystone 122 Gear Lubricant.

    An online manual, presumable for the Chinese 1024P simply says "SAE 30 oil and a Medium Grease"

    Further reading tells me I want "non detergent" oils. I went on amazon and there seem to be so many different products that it is hard to distinguish them. Also some are very expensive and I don't want to overpay.

    I guess what would be helpful is if someone could suggest some reasonably priced modern day product equivalents so I can get them ordered and get to work here. I figured products suggested by forum users might be a good avenue to get started.

    I need grease and/or oil for the gears, leadscrew, slides, oilers.

    I hear that Kerosene is good for cleaning. Any other suggest cleaning products while I'm shopping?

    Thank you.
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    When I'm degreasing, I always like to start with the mildest products and work my way up to more aggressive cleaners... hot water and dishwashing soap is often all you need.

    I have a hotplate and some old pots and pans in my shop so it's easy to give parts a long hot soak.
    Simple Green works pretty well too.

    I've used Kerosene a couple of times. It works well, but can be a bit of a disposal problem if you're using a lot of it.

    I like motorcycle chain lube for the gears. It sticks well and it's cheap as chips.


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      My corner Ace hardware sells SAE 20 non-detergent. It's about $4 a quart. That'll get you started.

      Get yourself a nice oil squirt can to force it into the ball oilers. You'll want to drain and flush out the oil (and possible casting sand) in the gearbox, etc. The advice on other Jet lathes should mostly apply.


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        Dirty kerosene can go into the heating oil tank if you have one...filter out solids.