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Favorite thick cutting fluid

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  • Favorite thick cutting fluid

    I have seen some videos of a thicker, dark fluid used for cutting and tapping. I'd like to get some next time enco has a 30% off sale. I have some thinner fluids so I need something thicker now. Thanks for the help.

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    For GP dark cutting fluid I like inexpensive plumbers cutting fluid. For difficult cutting I like castrol moly-dee. JR
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      A good cutting oil for ferrous material is the commonly available high-sulfur cutting oil sold for pipe threading. Aluminum needs a different cutting fluid.


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        If you want super thick that stays put, try Anchor Lube.
        I think it is a soap of sorts. It cuts very well, even in stainless
        steel and hardened (50Rc) steel.
        I do like Molly D, but it is thin.



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          Plumbers dark cutting oil contains sulfur compounds. All of the dark oils are not equal. Having used both for threading over the years, I would look for:

          ARS W9PCS

          Esto Vigilans

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            Originally posted by ironmonger View Post
            Plumbers dark cutting oil contains sulfur compounds. All of the dark oils are not equal. Having used both for threading over the years, I would look for:

            Yup. The dark oils have some sulfur. Good chit. There are MANY great names. Its basic cutting lube. SULFUR.. Umm? I love the smell of sulfur. Its good. Just like gasoline and heavy oil. I like the smell of decaying dino....

            DONT get in the smoke plume. All the oils smoke. But the heavy dark oils with the sulfur smoke at a lower temp. And they produce more smoke then a light oil. Dont breath it.

            But parting off a large round might need some sulfur based oil. I like mine. Cutting off in the lathe is where I use the sulfur based oil. For stainless steel I use the moly-dee. Night and day with that stuff. Specialty for threading in stainless steel. Moly-dee and stainless steel is the best. Tried them all.. JR
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              Viper Venom is good stuff, don't know if Enco has it or not. Where I got it:


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                You want the best then you'll have to go real thick, talkin whale blubber here,
                get cher self an electric flyswatter cuz no matter what time er the year yer gonna need er...

                can still score some "legit" stuff on e-bay if you stay tuned, maybe ten squid fer a pound im thinnin...


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                  Most everywhere you can get "Harvey's thread cutting oil". It works well for most things. It isn't the dark black stuff, but is sulphurized.

                  I have a little very dark goo from DoAll that comes in a tube like glue.... for tapping really nasty stuff. I rarely need to use it.

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                    Ridgid pipe threading oil works well enough, use it for parting, threading etc.
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                      For aluminium I like Relton's A9, for slow finishing steel I like soluble oil and water, for parting off steel soluble oil and water, Al A9 Never tried Ridgid, imagine it would work fine in some applications.
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                        I use swarfega hand cleaner for ali, learnt that in an aluminium works, it water soluable so getting the residue out of the way for anodising is easy, really nice thread finish, its the green hand cleaner that smells of lamp oil in case it has a different name over the pond, good enough for tapping holes in, wait for it, Aircraft grade aluminium, titter, even billets groan, in this case it was aircraft grade stamped by the AI dept and was going into Concorde


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                          Favourite thick cutting fluid?

                          The still warm blood of my enemies!

                          Originally posted by boslab View Post
                          I use swarfega hand cleaner for ali...
                          I really like the smell of Swarfega - it brings back happy childhood memories of days spent with oily hands in my father's garage/workshop. I am ekeing out my last tub now. This reminds me I must buy more when next in the UK.