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  • shaper question

    On a mill we often talk about the X, Y and Z axex. Sometimes we do that on a lathe too. Are there conventions for axis naming on the shaper as well?


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    Usual convention with machine tools is that the spindle axis is Z, then the longest is X and perpendicular to that is Y. So in that sense the shaper ram would be Z, the table sideways movement X and the knee or up-n-down Y.

    But, there is always something different with certain machines that make it "impossible" to say for sure.
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      I think I've seen them refered to as traverse and depth, rather than X, Y, etc.
      Paul Compton


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        Vertical shaper or horizontal?



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          An old machine shop I used to hang out at many years ago had a couple shapers--machinists used the terms traverse, depth and stroke when referring to the three axes of the machines...
          Just one project too many--that's what finally got him...


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            There's a paper somewhere that posits axis designations.

            X is the longest horizontal axis perpendicular to a spindle. Y is the horizontal axis perpendicular to X Z is the remaining and there is more - mostly sand sorting

            This may help but it doesn't consider shapers.


            I call the cross axis X. the ram axis Y, the vertical saddle axis Z, and the swivel tool post slide U. For what that's worth.

            So you going to put a CNC control on a shaper? Might be a slick idea. I can see potential.


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              Originally posted by Forrest Addy View Post
              So you going to put a CNC control on a shaper? Might be a slick idea. I can see potential.
              Emphatically not!

              Are you going to teach that Vancouver BC scraping class jointly with Rich King? I'd like to try scraping in the shaper vise, which wasn't that precise to start with and appears pretty worn (it's a 1955 machine).

              metalmagpie (was in your recent scraping class in Larry's shop in Auburn)