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OT: ebay question.

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  • OT: ebay question.

    I've never bought anything on ebay but I'm wanting some things that I'm sure I'm going to have a very hard time finding anywhere else.

    In the spirit of caveat emptor, is there a comprehensive checklist of things to do to improve my odds of not getting burned? I've seen a few good suggestions from time to time but a good checklist would be helpful.


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    Check the percent of positive response (99% or above is great), take out the ebay insurance and use a credit card.

    As with many things it is buyer beware, ebay can be a place where things happen, but the ebay folks do try to make things right.

    I had only one bad deal and it took 3 months to get my money back, but that was for a DVD.



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      The Higher the feedback in number, the slower the shipping and more careless attitude.

      Someone with a lower then 100 record with 100% feedback is a lot better then someone with 32,000 and 99% for sure..



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        Follow E-Bay's procedures. They have been worked out from experience with past problems. Don't agree to any private deals with the seller that exclude E-Bay because then you will loose all the benefits of E-Bay. And...

        Always check out the seller's feedback. 99% or even 95% positive is OK. Anything less and you may want to pass even if it seems like a once in a lifetime buy.

        When you pay, DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDET CARD NUMBER TO THE SELLER. This is important and should never be ignored. If you are going to use a credit card, get set up with PayPal. That way, you only give your CC information to E-Bay and they take care of paying the seller. If the seller won't accept PayPal then you have to send a check or money order.

        Buy the E-Bay insurance if you like but IMHO it's a rip off. Over priced by 1000%.

        One more thing, never bid before the last few minutes of an auction. It only drives the price up. It's the bidding frenzy thing. Don't participate. Many winning bide are entered in the last 10 seconds. If you can, use a snipe service. There are several that allow a few free snipes per month and may be all you will ever need.

        Decide what the item is worth to you and stick to that amount. If the bid goes higher, pass it by and you will have saved $$$s. Most items will appear again, perhaps ones in even better condition.

        Paul A.
        Paul A.

        Make it fit.
        You can't win and there is a penalty for trying!


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          I have a simpler solution, which has worked 100%.

          Don't buy off ebay, and don't get involved with the gonophs at Paypal.

          I don't know how well I can hold to the first half of that, as I have stuff I need to sell. But no way am I getting involved with Paypal.

          Keep eye on ball.
          Hashim Khan


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            I second that. PayPal is close to being a scam in my opinion.
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              Maybe I'm ignorant or just lucky, but I have had probably over 100 transactions on ebay both buying and selling and haven't had a problem yet. What is the problem some people have with Paypal? It all seems to work for me. I check the seller's feedback rating, and then see if he is changing usernames often and then make a decision to go. I find things on ebay I would never get anywhere at any price. I am really glad to have this outlet for buying and selling stuff.

              Perk in Cincinnati


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                You might want to do a little reading here:

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                  Check the sellers feedback and pay attention to any negatives, see what the problem was and how the seller re-acted. His attitude in general will surface here and you can judge whether you want to deal with this party or not. As stated previously, bid ( and make it your best ) only in the last 10 seconds as you will just drive up the price otherwise. Even if you are on dial-up you can refresh a couple of times to see when the time changes, and get in there with seconds to spare, with the aid of a clock having a second hand. Have bought a few items to date and have only positive experiences to report. If you do get outbid, the item usually turns up again. Have had the best luck with items that are listed incorrectly (in the wrong section) and most, if not all bidders miss them for some reason. Set up a Favorite Search section ( on MY EBAY )for those items you are wanting and you'll get an email when they are listed. Saves some time searching, but you still have to look for those potentially bargain items that are mis-listed.


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                    Yep, When ebay (Sellers, Buyers, Carriers) works, it works well. When you have a problem with any of the above, it fails miserably. Using a credit card does NOT save you from a loss. PayPal is Ebay. You must play by their rules (and ruling).

                    I have a problem with a carrier. I paid, the seller shipped, the carrier didn't deliver to the correct address. PayPal ruled in favor of the seller because he had "proof of delivery". The problem is that the carrier delivered it to someone else. (I have proof.) I can't take it up with the carrier unless the seller signs a waiver for me to make a claim. The seller won't. So... I'm out.

                    My next step is to file a small-claims suit with the carrier. FedEx, by the way.

                    AND... Don't buy anything from "Man of Steel", aka: Base401, aka: Brian Choppin of Buellton, CA.


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                      ebay and paypal both suck. I have an NRA credit card, about a tear or so ago they changed banks. Thus a new card and new #. I still get calls from patpal telling me my card is about to expire, even after telling them 3 times to close the account.
                      I keep getting email from people on ebay wanting to know about something I have for sale, I have never sold anything on ebay only bought and not for at least 2 years. They have apparently let some other sucker use my account and email address. I'm thinking of sueing them.

                      To get my info out of their system.

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                        First ALWAYS read the desciption,look for hidden shipping charges,packing/handling fees etc.

                        Second like said before look at the feedback rating-97% or better is what I look for.

                        Third don't use paypal,don't get me started on their politics.

                        Fourth,multiple layers of fail safes are good,shipping insurance,tracking numbers(ask for these immedeately after getting your total)and I always use postal money orders,they have saved me money in the past,it takes awhile to get your money back,but you do get it back.

                        Five maitain communication with the seller,the better the seller is at communicating the better your chances of a good transaction.
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                          Shooter2, It sounds like someone got your ebay password. You didn't by chance get an email from "ebay" asking for you to submit your logon name and password? I got that twice! It looks just like ebay's emails. A scam for sure, delete, delete.

                          I've bought and sold and prefer paypal for both. A small percent fee, 3 I think, and for the seller only.
                          Super Dave


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                            Checkout feature sponsored by ebay, it enters your password on "thier" page.

                            To complete automated checkout with some systems you must enter through thier checkout.

                            They do not make this clear. I changed my password immediately afterwards.

                            Do that over and over, write it down.

                            ANY Automated payment can be disputed. It just takes months and months to settle it.

                            Take it through the bank, credit card. Only way to deal with them is certified letters. Otherwise you get blowed off.



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                              Just because you get an email that has the button for payment doesn't mean you have to do it that way. I always ignore that and go to MyEbay to pay.

                              Super Dave
                              Super Dave