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Storing cutting fluids

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  • Storing cutting fluids

    I'd like to have smaller bottles of cutting fluid instead of using the ones they came in. Smaller squeeze bottle could be good I think. My wife bought these

    at harbor freight. They are either polyeturethane or polypropylene according to the online description. Would they be ok for a dark cutting oil with sulfur.? How about some of the tap magic kind of fluids?

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    Your bottles did not show on my computer. This is how I store cutting fluids. These are sold at MSC and they are called applicators and come in different sizes.

    Then I got the idea of this storage rack for the bottles. It swings out of the way.

    Never had any fluid effect the plastic container, not even lacor thinner

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      I don't know much about plastic but they have this labelled as polyethylene, polyurethane and polypropylene.

      Seems like I should be good.


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        Seams to be the link PT Doc posted.

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          I bought a HF package of 3 (polyurethane) while on vacation in Florida. I think they will be fine but know for sure when I get them home and fill them. Can't loose for the price. The Dispensing Bottle #65361644 that MSC sells is made of Polyethylene. I know from experience Polyethylene resists all cutting fluids that I use.

          Polystyrene and some PVC is the stuff to avoid for certain fluids. Test first. Be careful with Lacuor thinner, tapping fluid for steel and aluminum

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          So much to learn, so little time