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  • Threading ?

    Although I have done threads in the past, I'm not sure that they were done correctly. They worked at the time, and that was all that mattered to me.

    My question...When setting the compound to 29*, is it 29* from perpendicular or paralell to the ways? In other words, I'm not sure if the setting on my compound should read 61* or 29*. Thanks in advance.
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    This is one of those chicken/egg things. The degree markings on the lathe compound and cross slide can be read either way depndin on the manufacturer. Basically if the centrline of the headstock is the short side of a 29dx61dx90d triangle the sdie perpendicular to it would be towards the tailstock and the hypotenuse would be on the headstock side.

    Actually I think this whole compound angle thing has been dicussed way to much. With properly sharpened threading tools for the finer pitch threads it is perfectly acceptable in my book to just plunge straight in as the long as the infeed per pass is not to deep
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      If you start out with your compound rest at 90 degrees from the piece you are threading then move the back end of the compound rest to the right until it is at 29 degrees. It should be 29 degrees off of 90 degrees to the piece. Threading can also be done with the compound rest set at 30 degrees, 90 degrees or perpendicular to the work.See some of the links below.