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Mach2, is it any good?

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  • Mach2, is it any good?

    I like the looks of the documentation, the price. Don't have XP windows on my machine thou..

    Is it worth upgrading from Turbocnc?


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    Smoother, more features and has probably got the best support of any progam out there today.
    Two weeks ago I asked Art if he had plans to impliment the high speed peck drilling cycle, G73.
    24 hours later it was in the latest upgrade.

    It needs W2K or XP to run, I prefer W2K and have it on a stripped out version and it flies.
    No install problems and on a stand alone just for a controller computer there are no windows issues like virus's to worry about.
    W2K without the internet and all the sound and media files is very stable, it's all the add on's that cause the problems.
    It's well worth a look, don't be put off by the complex screens, they are there to show you whatis possible. You can strip out just what you don't need, Art has supplied a screen designer just for this purpose.

    John S.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      The Sony Play station 2 gamepad w/Smart Joy adapter works with it. YOu can configure the (10) buttons for multiple key strokes. I don't know what to make the POV (secondary) pointer do yet. This emulates all the work I have been doing with visual basic. This is the most stable joystick-gamepad I have found yet. Sounds like they think like I do. Windows sees it as a HID. The USB port will be on top of the machine with a expander, allowing gcode program input through a usb-drive memory stick. ALSO allowed under XP.

      I am working on a digitizing probe that runs USB.

      I kinda remember XP not allowing programmer access to the ports other then the printer drivers thou? I have to read more on that.

      I'll purchase it I think, I like it's looks. First I gotta upgrade the 98 to something newer. I heard XP Pro is the best?

      Bobcad is looking good too. I am still working on the gantry sand-mold carver still. This makes it work. You can invert a 3d model with a few keystrokes to a mold.

      I think I might be "Happy" for a while and make a few bucks with this large custom painted metalflake "boat anchor".. HA HA.. It is looking up.

      David (wheres the coffee?)

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        Windows NT (which includes XP aka NT 5.1) uses what is called the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL). It indeed does not allow direct access to hardware including all ports. They must be accessed through system calls or Direct X.

        Also, for your purposes there is no difference between XP Pro and Home. The differences are in support for classic file sharing, active directory, remote desktop, file encryption and permissions. None of that should matter to you and actually makes Pro slower than Home. The kernel is the same in both.

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          Think student versions of everything, if you can...By used copies of stuff.... Helps dent the $$ part...



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            Now dog-gone it.. why couldn't ya have told me that ten minutes earlier.
            I got the auction on XP Pro just a few minutes ago.

            Ohh well.. Here we go again. I hope it'll work well enough for the bobcad and the Mach2.

            I feel like it is christmas time here in Georgia. I bought myself a rotary indexer to go under the toolpost on my lathe too. Whoo hoo, who am I spoiling? it is not the new wife?



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              You don't have to spring for mach2 straight away. The download off Arts web site will run fine as is but there is a 1,000 line code limit until you register.

              John S.

              Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                Psst... John.. keep it on the sly..

                I got the money, time to spend it on the shop before it is wasted on the house project.. HA..

                I am buying lumber too thou.. They tell me I will be working till September at least. Hopefully, the Chickamauga Locks project will pick up from there.
                At TVA (utlity company) they are cutting people loose right and left, I am in automation thou replacing people..