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  • thieves

    Just had the side of my tool shed ripped open ..... last week they broke into my storage shed. Anyone know the laws on homemade alarm systems and how much C4 or bamboo is legal ???

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    You can not rig up a death trap situation, both motion sensors hooked to sirens and lights woorks that well if you are real close by. You can buy most the parts from Radio Shack.



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      I feel your pain!I just bought 150' new air hose a couple weeks ago,never even hooked it up and some bastich stole it

      Worst is booby traps will land you in jail not the perp.I have always said that public lashing with a whip would deter theivery,but nooooo.... we have to tolerate a criminals right to steal after all like Saddam Hussien they wern't breast feed as children so it isn't their fualt Rant mode off.

      Now that I have calmed down slightly I would suggest a trip to your local Radio shack Or if you like whip out that Grizzly catalog and get yourself one of those cheap remote mount security cameras,used mine to figure out which neighbor was stealing from me,even got my air hose back.

      Now,when you catch them on tape,be sure and give it to the police and then ask them what the firearms laws are in your area,and what the average response time is for the coroner to remove a body

      BTW:I'm sure before this post is done someone will suggest homeowners thieft insurance,forget it!All that happens when you make a claim is that you get less back than was stolen and you pay for it from now on in higher premiums.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Trap: I am in florida also. Lawyer told me that asking the question in conjunction with a trespass is almost automatic conviction if people claim damage or sue.

        Some one here suggested a motion detector (Home depot type) with a light and noisemaker. I personally had rather confront than frighten them- so i would probably plug in a transmitting device (CB, phono transmitter) and have a receiver near by.

        Couple years ago, here in Jacksonville, a man was assaulted in an apartment, he chased the yahoo out, and was standing outside with gun in hand. he was charged with improperly displaying a weapon in public. Supposedly had a concealed weapon permit. I suspect there is more to the story than was reported. That was long ago- things have changed since florida has found that more guns equals less crime. Check carefully and say little- accidents happen.


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          Too bad you're not in Texas. Tearing open the side of a building is Crimial Mischief. If it's at night, we just shoot 'em then call the police to handle the body. If it's daytime, you have to wait until they're carrying something out. Then shoot 'em.


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            My suggestion: Get a Giant breed dog. I have 2 Great Danes. Mastiffs will work equally well. They are great at scaring off that element. They can easily tear someone to pieces if they're in your yard long enough. Gentle as lambs around the kids too.



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              I don't know about today, but Texas used to have some fine laws about defending your home. Even Law enforcement officers were leery when they approached a mans domicile- they might be shot and the civilian be within his rights. Wish we had more property rights again.


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                We in TX still do Steve.

                Your best defenses against thieves are: Dogs, good alarms with motion detectors, good relationships with your neighbors, don't make it too easy to be stolen from (lock everything up), replacement cost insurance with documentation of your assets, and a good/forgiving attitude.

                It sounds like you have a CHL Ken. So do I.
                Location: North Central Texas


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                  thanks for the replies:

                  My problem is that i am gone for days / weeks
                  at a time. I know who the thief is just have
                  not caught him "red handed". I know I could catch him and he would still be there when I
                  got back home ..... I just don't want to go
                  to jail for doing what I should do.


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                    Yep, I'm a "card" carrying member.


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                      I might suggest you do a couple of things, depending on how much you have to spend. A digital surveillance camera or a video surveillance system. Also, since you have machining skills, I might suggest you make up a couple of fake, realistic in appearance, surveillance cameras, with coax, small blinking LED and fake lens. It could even rotate via a random sequence.



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                        My dream alarm system would be to wait 'til they're inside and trigger it, then automatically button it up really tight - give them a preview of what's to come, even if the judge lets them out in 90 days. Be nice to have it turn on a disco fog machine and have it play a recording of "Duelling Banjos" with a backdrop of a revving V-8 just to freak 'em out for a while. Might be fun enough to keep it fogged up thick and leave them in there for a couple days if your machines aren't in there with them. Just a little brainstorming.

                        I have no sympathy for lazy criminals. I'd like to see a push for "don't ask, don't tell" legislation in terms of the physical well-being of burglars at the time of the crime.
                        Strange days indeed, these.


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                          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by vinito:
                          Strange days indeed, these.
                          No kidding.....

                          I'm expecting the day when thieves are re-labeled "theft workers" and granted even more rights....

                          If prostitutes are already re-labeled as "sex workers" can that day be far off?

                          My view is that if you break into somewhere, you can have no expectation of safety or freedom from hazards. And those hazards may include me with a weapon and a real bad attitude.


                          Keep eye on ball.
                          Hashim Khan


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                            My sister lives in TX. Carries a 45 in purse. I belive they still have the "make my day" laws. If you believe you are threatened you may shoot.

                            Difference between British police, Canadian police and American police?

                            Canadian police say "Stop, or I will shoot!"

                            British police say "Stop, or I will yell Stop again!"

                            American police say "Stop, or I will shoot again!"

                            I have 150 lb Giant Malamute tied to long weak running line.
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                              Criminal Deterrants 101 - I just remembered another one.

                              A good friend of mine has horses and such and talks frequently with the local veterinarian. The vet was describing how he can clip the bottom of a crow's tongue and you can teach it to talk like a parrot, but you have to get them young to raise one successfully.

                              So my buddy has a plan. He wants to train a crow to go after a pair of grapes on a scarecrow's head at the command "eyes". He is chomping at the bit to see the look on somebody's face with a big crow flapping wings and coming at their eyes while it's croaking out "Who's your daddy? WHO'S your daddy?".

                              I gotta admit, I'd love to see that too. And I'd love to see a thief telling that story to the police while the EMT's are bandaging his face. Be a good one for "Reno 911".

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