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  • Victor Firepower Rebuild Parts

    Does anyone know where you can get a welding regulator rebuild kit. My Victor firepower fsr150cr started venting oxygen. I pulled it apart and it looks like the one of the small needle seals is shot. I tred to make one out of some rubber gasket sheet but, it's too so small and a real fustrating exercise.

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    There's an 800 number on the box the set comes in. If you don't have the box you might stop by Sam's Club and get the number off of one of the boxes.

    You might also try the Victor website. They may be able to put you in touch with them. Since the Firepower line is a Brazilian import it's not supported by the regular Victor staff, IIRC.


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      Rebuilding welding regulators is scary. Thoughts of explosions and back fires fill the mind. The wrong materials or oil contamination in an Oxygen regulator will result in an explosion.
      I recommend taking it to a local welding supply and having them rebuild, test and guarantee it. It will come back like new for a reasonable cost.
      Jim H.


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        Or you can find who does the welding store's rebuilding and save a little on the mark-up.
        Here in Jax, one guy does most of the towns rebuilding. Anybody else just piddles.
        I do agree that it isn't a job for the homeshop, although they aren't real complicated. Just do your homework, and check everything at least 3 times.
        Check it 3 times and then take it to the rebuild store and let them check it again.
        David from jax
        A serious accident is one that money can't fix.