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Metal Prices Going Down?

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  • Metal Prices Going Down?

    Ok, that's the current rumor so why haven't I seen it yet? In fact, my metal costs went up another 5%. "They" say China is backing down on futures for scrap. Stock is way up and yet prices are even or up (this month).

    Are the distributors and suppliers organizing their own GOUGE to match the oil industry? The stuff I just got had tags from August, 2003. I told my supplier that this would be my last purchase unless prices came down.

    What's like where you are?

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    Prices for aluminum from my distributor went up 15% this month and about 10% last month, haven't heard of any decreases yet, but hoping it happens soon.


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      Brass rod, 3/8" diameter, 215 pounds, last year $1.36 pound. Last week $2.01 pound.

      Not only have steel bar prices increased the quality is way down. In the past I was able to get leaded cold rolled bar stock with a very smooth surface finish. Currently the off-the-shelf material is total crap. Since our dollar is low in comparison to world currencies steel distributors don't want to bring in the high quality steel from the third world. Nucor Steel here in this country is buying up mills and producing this crap steel. Their price is low so that's what steel service centers are stocking.

      I was able to find some good stock last week, it's coming from Spain via Chicago, at a premium price, of course.


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        I just ordered three feet of 1/2" round O6 tool steel. Ouch! $40 US.
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          Nucor is who I buy structurals from their cold rolled and plate is from India for the most part,but lately the price is begining to fall but slowly.Plus it also helps that I'm near three sea ports,there are other vendors so compition is high.
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            My suppliers tell me the Nucor cold rolled bar is domestic.

            The purchasing agent for a very large steel buyer in LA described Nucor's cold rolling process like this: first they melt the raw materials, then they dump several truck loads of dirt into the mix, when they're ready to do the final rolling process they make sure their rolls are covered with lots of sand to give that "desireable" pitted finish to their bars.

            Obviously, a somewhat sarcastic opinion of Nucor, but in my experience is not too far off base.

            Speaking of steel from India....I lost a long term (15 year) job to India. Recently the customer needed a small run of a similar part. When I delivered, his shop guys were all over me, telling me how they wished we were making the parts again because of the low quality steel and part quality from India. I think I'm getting the customer back again.


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              Nucor's structurals suck too,but then again everybodies does these days,its all made from 100% scrap,no virgin ore anymore.

              Actually as far tubing and pipe goes stuff made in South Africa is as good as it gets,excellent material and the price is good too.
              I just need one more tool,just one!