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Cutting torch keeps stopping up

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  • Cutting torch keeps stopping up

    I have to cut some metal up, torch has been dissconnected and laying around.

    New refill on tanks. Cutting torch keeps stopping up after four or five minutes of use. No clue, never saw it before.

    Not a very good cutting torch, it is the victor clone put out by harbor freight, Victor replacement tips do not fit, exactly.

    I cleaned the old original one, over and over and over.

    Is it possible I have bad gas.. *in the tanks? smartie! HA.. Porky says water in the acetylene tank. I know they put acid on the rock in there? water?

    I got to cut this metal up for current projects, sure is frustrating. A sloppy slag filled burned out cut is not what I want.


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    Hmmmmn.....I have never had that happen. Is it possible that your hose is shedding particles that is clogging the torch?


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      Yes, it is possible.. They have been outside.. Pretty cheap hose I guess.
      Don't they have screens in them?



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        This may sound crazy, but since they were outside, maybe spiders got into the nozzle and made their way into the hoses. Webbing makes a pretty effective plug sometimes. Had the nozzle on my gas grill filled with spider webs once. Wouldn't work worth snot........

        Just a thought..........Rodg


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          David,had my torch disconnected while I got my cylinders exchanged a few years ago.When I hooked them back up couldn't get much flame adjustment.Took everything apart and nothing was evident.Finally looked at the regulator to cylinder connector.Dang Mud Dauber had almost plugged the opening. They work fast and make a mess!


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            I second the mud duabers.Could also be water in the hose.
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              I second the spiders. I had my airco cutting torch was plugged up by these villians also. I had to take everything apart and blow it out backwards with compressed air. I've also had a set of regulators go bad and got the same kind of cutting problems you are having. Have someone watch the line side gauge while you are working with it to see if the line pressure stays constant. Also make sure you are using the correct size tip in the torch for the thickness of material you are cutting.

              Hope this helps,


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                Be careful using compressed air to blow out oxygen hoses. If there is any oil in the air line and it gets on the inside of the hose you are going to have an explosive situation on your hands.

                I agree with the others that there is some kind of contamination in the system somewhere. If it were mine I would clean wverything but keep any oil away from the system.

                Hope this helps,



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                  I used to have problems with the preheat holes stopping up on my torch, but I found that a slight change in the position of the tip with respect to the work solved it for the most part. A little more angle seemed to help. Apparently the backflow was causing a soot buildup in the hole closest to the work. More often than not, simply shutting the torch off and relighting it would clear the blockage.

                  Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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                    Winchman, I wish it was just that easy.

                    No clue. the outer holes stop up completely.

                    Last time I was trying to cut I was down to one hole.

                    I started cutting with a torch when I was 16, now am 47, ya'd think I know everything about it. I don't. Never seen anything like this.

                    I have saw argon go bad, not work as a shielding agent, but leave moon-like surface on the metal. No clue what that was either. The pipe fitter laid the cylinder on it's side and rolled it back and forth for about ten minutes and it was okay.