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3d cad/toolpaths free beta software for trial

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  • 3d cad/toolpaths free beta software for trial

    Wow.. Actually looks better then the bobcad..

    Playing with it.. Going to write them a long letter..


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    Any chance of an overview on the software that you have tried with a breif note of your likes and dislikes?

    I have been using a program called autocode at work. It works inside Autocad. I like it for 2 1/2 d work, but for the full 3d stuff I dont think that it would be well suited. Then again, I dont program too much full 3d stuff.
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      A ($695)I have been learning myself. I bought Bobcad last week. Like it pretty much, assembling the primitives to make a shape is kinda painful thou. You have to place them by xyz location instead of the mouse. As soon as I XP this computer I can install the full version. They say in the four inches of manuals you can copy items.. that might be the trick. I really don't like the installation method, you only are allowed a single install, and the install number is different each time. You have to purchase more installs.

      1)(trial)The Meshcam writes the Gcode as well as the bobcad. Get a copy while it is free. Is is just $195 normally thou.

      2)(free)Using Animor 8, a free modeling program, it has the primitive input function, sizing,
      and mouse modeling.

      3)(free) I downloaded Ayam and played with it for a while. It is freeware via linux principles.

      4)(495+)Using Truespace with thier onsite educationals, now that looks the best for modeling, it has inputs, you can assemble a device and insert joints. It bends at the joints. If I worked with a company and had to do presentations I'd be all over that. It looks the easiest to use.

      5) Autocad R 14. (don't have here) I like it, have some problems understanding how to use the 3d functions. I got a thick book I have not had time to read.

      What I really like is the interchange of formats. Dxf-IGES seems to be the most common.

      What I'd really like would be a simple bobcad type program I can use my sony playstation Twin joystick to input. You could build anything from that. It even has pictures of triangles, circles, squares on the right buttons, has a POV pad for different views. I just wish I was a better programmer to use directX.

      Like I said, I am learning modeling. Pretty exciting stuff. Building before you buy metal. I have always been the kinda guy to cut a part out manually then try to copy it again.

      Close to a Santa-Claus machine.

      (I found a box to click, now I can drag items to position in bobcad..) What I like is the project inversion for mold-die casting.


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