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One shot lube choice for Bridgeport in mixed shop?

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  • One shot lube choice for Bridgeport in mixed shop?

    I was using a friend's Jet mill last night and noticed his one shot lube was empty. I suggested he put some goop in there.

    He has the bad habit of cleaning his machine with shop air, and he does a bit of woodworking. Though the wood dust is nowhere near as bad as the shop I normally work in.

    He asked me what kind of lube, and I suggested a way lube, and told him my mill specifies Vactra 2. But I think maybe a sticky way lube could be a bad choice given his chip blowing habits and potential wood dust.

    So suggestions appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    In the commercial world, machines are routinely cleaned with shop air, it's not illegal nor a sin. It's fast and easy to do in a world where time is money. It will not damage a machine. These tools are not pieces of fine, (or even cheap), china that you must fear for. At home, do as you please with your machines.

    Wood dust is maybe more problematic. It can attract moisture to bare metal depending on the environment. But it really isn't all that abrasive. On the other hand, tools that are regularly used don't rust. If the equipment doesn't appear to suffer from rust, I would say you are making much ado about nothing.

    Lubrication is always a good idea though. I see nothing wrong in your recommendation of way lube. But unless exposed to large amounts of abrasive dusts, like sandpaper or angle grinder discs, it probably isn't nearly the big deal you think.

    If you think you understand what is going on, you haven't been paying attention.