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Hindsight - a wonderful thing.

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  • Hindsight - a wonderful thing.

    They say hindsight is a wonderful thing but today I was out of it!
    I went to the workshop to machine some stepped washers, should have realised that the cold weather had got to the shop as the fluorescents took some time to come on.
    Any how put a slug of mild steel in the chuck pressed to on button, nada, zilch, oh dear (or words to same effect) the colds got to the start switch again(had this before and never sussed it out then)

    Need some heat thinks me, get out the hot air gun. After waving this around till my arms ached and still no response gave it up as a bad job.

    Got the screwdrivers out and took the cover plate off and peared inside, lots of wires but still no clue.

    Got some paper and took number of switch, a Kudu kjd18 then off to the internet. Found lots of differing versions of the switch all with the same number(very strange) ordered one I thought was the likely culprit.
    Pondered some more and thought better make a note of all the wire positions.

    Back to the shop which was now a little warmer(left heater on) which must have also warmed up brain!

    Started to look at the wires (wonder why there all black) and saw that one of them was smaller than the others and it went to the first micro switch on the gear cluster cover and from there to the second on the chuck shield.
    Ahh I thought lets check that for continuity, no continuity, pondered and then pressed the cover switch down with a screwdriver blade and it clicked. Thats the reason how to cure it. Got 2 long bladed screwdrivers and bent the switch arm up a nudge now it works a treat!

    I can only assume that the thing was just making normally and the cold was too much for it!

    Anyway got a switch coming that wont fit anyway as its the wrong version! I need the one with the built in reversing switch.

    Oh well just another day in the shop.

    I have tools I don't know how to use!!