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  • cheap welding curtain$$$$

    Just for your info I'm using see through
    shower cutains for the shop to prevent
    hot chips and sparks from flyin. I used
    elect conduit pipe and plastic wire ties
    to hold them in place. so far works great!
    and the mess lands on the floor NOT the
    other side of the shop!! Good Luck
    (Pro welding curtains cost 50-100$!)
    ........later Dude Welder.

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    I would be concerned with the flammability. Part of the reason for cost is that material for welding curtains is fire retardent, and/or carries approvals for use in welding areas. Usually California Fire Marshall or UL label.
    Jim H.


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      I agree with the flame issue. I use these
      curtains to keep metal from landing on
      cardboard storage boxes on the other side of
      the shop, dude.


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        I think he meant the plastic curtains are flammable. If you have insurance, don't let them see those if they inspect your shop (or the carboard boxes). The Fire Marshalls (in an effort to reduce industrial fires) do inspections here twice a year, they would like your logic, and then write you up for infractions. Here they have to be CSA apporoved for that use and bear the approval label.

        Happy sparkin'

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