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  • New Office/ Machine Assembly Area

    So guys--Here it is. New flooring, newly painted walls. and I even dragged all of my home made particle board reference tables, desk extensions, and book shelves out into the main garage and stained them today, 14 years after building them. A couple of things that let you know its a Canadian workspace--The unit under the right hand desk is a 1500 watt heater with fan. The black mat in front of my computer desk on the floor is an ELECTRIC mat with embedded heater wires and a thermostat mounted on the jog in the corner of the right hand wall. I hate cold feet while I am setting at my computer working. If you are long time followers of my creations, you will know that the reference desk immediately to the left of where I set is where 90 % of my small engines are assembled and test run. The old top had so many black oil stains and holes drilled in it that I unscrewed the top and made a new one. I even had the painters apply a sealer over all of the notes I had written on the wall in black magic markers (I know, I know) and paint over them. I took down about 20 plaques and certificates off the walls and found a box for them to live in.---Brian

    Brian Rupnow

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    Very nice. Looks way too fancy for assembly work! I'd be afraid of spilling/dropping on that floor.


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      Yes, it looks very comfortable Brian, very nice indeed.
      Why is it that when I get close to my monitor I can detect the faint aroma of Minwax?
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