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Bicycle parts question?

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  • Bicycle parts question?

    I have a job in the shop where a bike brake cable/actuator would be an excellent solution to one aspect of the machine.But all the outfits here that sell parts stop at chain and tire tubes,is there a good source for them on the web?
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    How minne do you need? I have a lot of old junk bikes whith the hand brakes that im cutting up for the tubes. You can have what you need for the cost of shipping. Email me. Col. Moses


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      Performance Bicycle and Bike Nashbar both have web catalogs
      and Caliper, "V" and disc brakes, cables and brake levers.


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        Geez, most hardware and discout stores have them. I was at the salvage yard Monday. There must have been 20-30 bicyles in there. Police Dept. must have dumped them. All types and some looked very new. Could probably have a whole brake setup for less than a buck.


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          Thanks for the leads,but if it works I may need them by the dumptruck load!
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            There was a fatal bike accident here a while back where a popular local racer was killed by a pickup driver. I happened to be at the solid waste collection center the next day. In the dumpster were three perfectly good (as far as I could tell) racing style bikes. The people in charge won't let you take anything out of the dumpsters. Why the bike owners didn't put them in the "Swap Shop" is beyond me. Must have been a couple thou$$and worth of bikes.

            Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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              These guys sell all kinds of bike parts, every part you can imagine, almost too many.




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                I can't answer the question about the bike owners, but I can about taking the bikes out of the dumpsters. In NY where i live, and many other states that have manditory recycling, the metal sent to land fills and recycling centers actually brings in some money. The plastic and paper costs them money to process even though they may or may not be getting a few pennies a ton for it. When you take the bike out of the dumpster, you are taking money out of their pocket that offsets the cost of operating the recycling.

                It is sad to find out that often times the plastic containers that we spend time cleaning out and preparing to be recycled(by Law) get dumped in the land fill along side the rest of the garbage. When the cost of trucking the containers to the plastic recycler becomes more than they are getting for the product, economics becomes a deciding factor in where they go.

                Take a trip to your local land fill/recycling center some day and watch how much stuff comes in. It is truly amazing!
                Oh, thanks for the tip on using old bikes for the tubing. I never thought of that



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                  Find a local bike shop and ask if they have a "Quality Bicycle Parts" catalog. In there you will find all sorts of brake levers at all different price ranges.

                  If you need to order in bulk the you may be able to contact QBP directly (with the shop as a reference).