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  • Quill lube question...

    Im re-thinking what I been using in the little side oiler port of my JVM 8X30 jet mill,

    I use vactra #2 in the one shot that gets everything but this upper little oil port on the head with spring cap,

    now I know this oil port lubes the quill but do not know if it lubes the spindle bearings, so along time ago decided to use a high quality 85W90 weight synthetic gear lube,,, I figured it would not hurt the quill and if it indeed lubes the spindle bearings too that they would be luving life,,,

    well, even though my quill seems tight and when I check it with a dial indicator I really can barely get anything out of it movement wise it does seem to chatter a little during certain cuts, so I drag the lock ever so slightly and it's gone,

    but now im thinking if it is meant for vactra im not doing the quill any favors as the vactra is far thicker and has tactifiers to reduce this effect... really can't find any info in the crummy owners manual, what does most everyone here run in this little oil port on their machines...?

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    I use Vactra-2 on my Burke/Millrite, however the quill oiler doesn't go into the bearings. Those are lubed with grease through a plug on the side of the quill.
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      Absolutely no idea what you are talking about.... and I suspect nobody else does unless they have that exact mill, from that exact year.
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        don't know if this will help, you can see the flip lid oiler off to the left about half way up the blue mister snap-connect line,,,

        this is a pic of the whole mill... I think it's about a 2004 JVM 8X30

        no specific info in owners manual that I can find...

        pics in a sec.

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          I have that mill. The manual states "Mobile DTE Oil Light" for the spindle. That's what I use and it is a very light oil, similar to sewing machine oil.


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            hmm thanks, what year is yours? cant find in my manual... that is the one part in my mill iv never been into so do not know a thing about whether or not the spindle bearings are sealed or rely on the quill lube port...
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              Re-read your original post and noted you said 8X30. Mine is an JVM 836 so I may have mis-spoke. I bought mine new in 2000. Want a copy of the manual? Just don't expect much.


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                Duh - been so long I forgot the size of my table, we have the identical mill,
                I do have an owners manual and im going to go through it with a fine tooth comb again to see if it says what you are saying,

                now that were on the topic - how do you like your mill? I had a bunch of little things to fix and bring up to grade but after that it's been great for me, overall good quality with lack of follow through, you have a taiwan model and that's what I wanted and was worried with everything being built in china that mine was going to be too - they reassured me they were still taiwan so I ordered - yet when the mill arrived it was china , I was furious,,, raised a stink for about a month and told them to pick it back up as I had sales people backing up that I had asked the question several times and not to send if it was china,,,
                long story short I got about 20% knocked off - still was bummed for awhile but it has proven to be a good overall machine...

                geeze so now im wondering if I did go even lighter fluid viscosity what the quill chatter will be like... do you have any issues with that? like I say mine is not terrible or anything - seems to take a special kind of cut and load to make it act up and have found this common in other machines...


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                  Only issue I have had is with the gib for the knee. Local machine repair shop replaced and fitted that under warrenty. Replaced motor with an american 3 phase and added a VFD. Also added a DRO. Been quite happy with it. I have no discernable chatter on the spindle. Note that I am probably whimpy when it come to feed rate and cutting depth. I have no formal training in using a mill so go to the conservative side very quickly. Thinking about it a bit more, I do note a small depth of cut change when the leading edge of a 1.5 inch (or larger) fly cutter leaves the material. The surface cut by the trailing cutter teeth is maybe 0.0005 different.


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                    can't find my manual right now but I think you answered my question - I do not think they changed these mills at all and they use this port to both lube the spindle bearings and the quill... I think the spindle bearings are not sealed...

                    besides having to go through a bunch of small things and my run capacitor burning up within the first 30 minutes of use everything has been fine, I did heli-coil the two front table locks due to them being so sloppy it made me nervous, also had to stone in the head swivel due to it not tramming correctly when in the total upright position.
                    have a nice little dro too and one of these days will most likely upgrade to a VFD - these are a great size mill - they are large enough to get most serious HS stuff done yet small enough to fit most places and be handy that way,,, thanks for the info, will continue the search tomorrow just to see if I can verify...


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                      Now that you mention the capacitor going out, that and my motor both went south, hence the 3 phase and VFD, even though they sent me a new motor. Manual is out in the shop, so will look at it tomorrow for any clues on what all the oil cup is supposed to lube.


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                        Believe I have found your clue. The manual says "Spindle Bearings - fill oil cup once daily with Mobile DTE Oil Light".


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                          Thanks Jim - must be for both the quill and the bearings,,, there's no other place to lube the quill separately and mine gets good and juicy and will eventually start dripping from all around the area after awhile...


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                            If you need another copy of your mill's manual there's one available here in pdf form.


                            Also bare in mind that if Mobile DTE light is not readily available in your area there are many alternate choices that meet the same specs, as it isn't too exotic, basically just an ISO 32 hydraulic oil, very common product. The various ISO hydraulic oil grades are very popular as spindle and gearbox lubricants in the shop.
                            Below a link to a cross reference chart to alternatives.

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