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Gear puller recommendations?

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    I built one once, to pull off a chain sprocket. The sprocket was triple 3" pitch, about 24" diameter and weighed about 1000 lbs. The shaft was 8". I used a seventy ton hydraulic cylinder from a pipe bender and flame cut a traingular frame and puller arms. I held the sprocket with a crane while pulling it. When I put it back on I inspected the shaft and bore really well. You don't just tap lightly on one of those if it hangs up going on!


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      I have a couple 4 ton porta power cylinders laying around.I think I am going to use one set of the old jaws to make a hydraulic puller.
      I figure make a threaded sleeve with three sets of lugs welded on to accept the jaw bolts.Then thread the OD of the porta power cylinder to match.
      The wall thickness of the cylinders is plenty heavy enough to accept an 8tpi Acme thread.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        +1 on Alistair being a chatty, cheap, clumsy bastard.
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