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Norseman black gold drill sets

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  • Norseman black gold drill sets

    I read up extensively on this site and others. The clear suggestion was to get some good quality USA made bits. I decided on Norseman drills. Just received 3 sets and the finish is excellent. The HUOT indexes are very nice as well. It's nice to have been able to support 2 USA companies. Huot is supposedly very close to norseman and Mr Huot is regularly at the Norseman facility. Since I was able to get very good pricing through a great dealer, the decision was easy. More info/pricing here.

    Thanks again for the solid recommendations.

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    I am a big fan of them and they are my preferred choice based on my usage...

    Glad you like them


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      I have a set of these. They have been pretty good so far (5 years?)


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        I think you will be very happy with the Norseman drills. I have been using Viking's 260 UB series for about the last 5 years and can honestly say that they have been the best drills that I've ever had the pleasure of using. I actually have one 1/4" screw machine length drill that I have used in 316 stainless for literally hundreds of holes without issue. I purchased a 12/pack of these at the time thinking that it would be wise to have extras but so far I'm still on my first one!

        I'm not sure if most folks are aware of this but both Viking and Norseman are one and the same.
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          Norseman, CTD, and Viking are the same brands. I think that biking is their industrial lime but I have inquires and was told that they are identical. It's good to know that there are quality USA made bits at good prices available.