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Ebay double listing, against policy?

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  • Ebay double listing, against policy?

    I came across a listing on ebay for machine a few weeks ago it had a "buy it now" or best offer thing. I followed it, then the listing was revised and the seller added an additional machine to the original listing and upped the BIN price.

    I checked on it over the weekend and I see the listing still there with the 2 items. Then I see the exact same machine that was in the original listing, for a BIN price that is less then the original listing, but from a DIFFERENT seller! So the same item is for sale by 2 different sellers both with a BIN option.

    This must be a violation of an ebay rule, no? I mean 2 people could do the BIN at the same time, then who gets it?

    Just to note, its not the same type of machine, its the EXACT SAME one.


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    Ebay is not the only place you will see that sort of thing. What appears to be happening is that a machine owned and advertised by one seller is being offered by another. The second seller assumes that they'll be able to buy the machine from the first seller and then deliver it to a buyer and make a profit. I say it is fraudulent in that the second seller claims to own the machine, but really doesn't.


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      Lots of sellers maintain multiple eBay accounts for various reasons and there's no eBay policy against doing so.

      Listing the same item twice is a policy violation, but if he's got lots of listings, it's possible that it's just a mistake.


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        I have noticed some folks just grab a picture of a similar item and use the picture for their action. Not a violation. JR
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          Isn't this very prevalent on Amazon where automatic programs find items, add 10% and relist resulting in an escalation when two or more 'bots' do the same thing to each other so you get things with silly prices (not the same as a deliberate high price for an out of stock item to keep the listing space).
          Another funny I sometimes see is a listing at say £50 with no bids but when you call up the details, not even bidding, it suddenly goes up to £100 and one bid. Perhaps that is an option setting I don't know as I've never tried selling.
          I do find the recent "100 suckers viewed this in the last hour" message across the picture very irritating.


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            I have seen this before. What's happening is that the 2nd seller does not have the machine. They have stolen the picture from the first seller and are just trying to get your money. Once you pay, they disappear and repeat the scheme elsewhere.
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              If you take a wander over to Practical Machinist, what the OP mentions has been happening for quite awhile on a somewhat regular basis (the owner of PM sells machinery and there are several threads of length describing some of what has taken place...and continues to take place)


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                The thing is, the pics in both listings are different, same machine...but diff. pics. Same machine serial number though. It a machine I'd really like to get...but now I don't know. I sent a message to both sellers, they both have top ratings and have tons of machines listed. I know that is not any guarantee of anything...but they don't LOOK fly by night.