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Grinding Wheel hubs where to buy ?

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  • Grinding Wheel hubs where to buy ?

    I have a surface grinder and want to purchase additional hubs so I can swap out the abrasive wheels to suit the task at hand. Seem to have come to a stop looking in Australia.

    These are the dimensions of the hub.
    Large taper 0.96"
    Small taper 0.72"
    Length 1.4
    The spindle dimensions are 1" large end of taper and 0.75 small end and about 1.4" in length.

    My current hub suits 1.125 ID wheels and the pulley is M25by1.5 !

    Would someone be able to point me to a company which may help ?

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    Don't think I've ever seen anyone sell extra aftermarket hubs for grinders. You either try to get them from the manufacturer or from salvage. Personally, I've never spent a lot of time swapping wheels. So I've never felt the need for extra hubs myself.

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        They're on eBay, but the taper size can be an issue. I bought what I though would be just the thing for my grinder, but found myself on the lathe for a few hours changing the bore.

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          Originally posted by easymike29 View Post
          Thanks alot. I emailed the company and await their response. There web pages are a bit long winded.


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            A bit of looking provided only one close to your dims, the 11 deg 20' taper with 0.98 diameter at large end. Any chance one of the dims you provided is off by enough to make that fit?

            I got 8.578 deg included angle with the dims you provided, which does not seem a fit with anything much.

            BTW, you seem to be located where a manufacturer of grinders (ANCA) is (was?) located.... but their adapter is a different taper entirely....not surprising.

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              I'm doubtful that you have an M25 x 1.5 thread for the puller, because a grinding wheel adapter like that uses a 0.984-16 imperial thread. All 13 of mine do!

              What is the brand of the grinder?


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                The ballance weights are offset considerably...
                That's unusual for a hub not committed to a given wheel that's left on it all the time.

                Is the offset needed to ballance out the spindle?
                That would concern me.


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                  Try these people for hubs.
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                    The pulley is in fact M25 by 1.5. My other dimensions could be off a bit but not much. AFAIK the grinder is a chinese model. I suspect the previous owner did not do much. Removing the flange and locking nut was a big job.
                    Thanks for the comment about the counter weights. From my understanding they are used for static balancing not dynamic. The grinder did run very well prior to removal.