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    Actually here (in NYC) the seal goes through the LOCK. First you cut the seal with a pair of diagonals (the seals have serial numbers, too) then you need a special tool to insert into and remove the lock and finally you remove the retaining ring. The seal thing is relatively new. Used to be if you hired an electrician who needed to remove the meter he had to call the utility company to remove the lock. Now with the seal they give lock removal tools (also serial numbered) to licensed electricians. They cut the seal and save it, remove the lock and ring and do their thing. Then they call the utility company, turn over the cut seal and have a new one installed.
    Large PITA.
    Guess how often this system works. Most electricians just cut the seal, do their thing and wait till the next reading for a new seal to be installed. As long as your power usage doesn't seem oddly low no one seems to care.


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      I don't know how true it is, but I read that the seal does not trigger concern by the power company. I was told that they match the aggregate usage of the meters on your block with readings from a meter for the branch that feeds your block. As long as the numbers are close they don't have a concern.

      Can anyone confirm that?

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        Generlinks are a lot more expensive then a double feed switch but cheap to install, where a switch can be much cheaper but cost a lot to install. The cost ends up about the same. My concern is, will the generlink fail at some time when I need it, a switch is pretty fool proof. A local electrician has been installing then for 5 years around here and hasn't had any failures YET.
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