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    Does anyone know the regulation regarding the size of a crew in a machine shop? Should a person be allowed to work in a machine shop enviroment for a business alone? Would anyone have an OSHA reference? Any help would really be helpful, Thanks.

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    I know of 2 fellows that work in their shop alone. Both places are full blown businesses. As far as the OSHA stuff, I can’t tell you.
    I would agree that there is a risk of an injury becoming critical or worse due to the lack of someone there to help you if something were wrong.
    There are nights that I have to stay late at work to get something done. If I'm running a machine and not in the office, I carry a 2 way radio that will allow me to get a hold of the 2nd shift maintenance guy just incase there is an emergency.
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      As many as will fit.OSHA doesn't really start to take effect until you have ten or more employees.
      OSHA is not a substitute for common sense. More people weren't hurt on the job before OSHA.


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        As a matter of fact, OSHA is a joke. I got my lungs burned in chlorine in a chemical plant, calls to osha resulted in them putting a monitor on someone in a clean part of the plant. The plant denied responsibility. No proof I had hurt my lungs there the osha survey didn't show any gas.

        OSHA is a joke. They cost companies millions in fines that are quite comical. Tape on a drop cord gets a electrical contractor fined, even if it is colored tape denoting which truck it came off of... NOT repair tape. (my company truck then)

        Osha should be shut down. Steady lawsuits keep a company in line, after someone gets hurt then they fix the problem, except for OLIN chemical, they gas people everyday. If you were to take a survey you would find out that OSHA picks on UNION contractors lots more then NON-union ones. I guess they think there is more money to steal from them.

        OHH, and I think too, if there is too much work to do, I might put on another one. Automation right now, I am fixing to expand my shop too. Going off in another direction.


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          Dunno about OSHA,but it can be dangerous,like if you get hung up in a machine and nobody knows it you could be in a real pinch.

          As to my recolection OSHA shows up when somebody gets killed,but not before or after,they DO NOT HAVE THE STAFF to check out and inspect every small business.Instead OSHA like most thinks government is unfunded drivel that you and I in our respective states have to pay for.In Mississippi we have MEMSHA,they do inspect,but only state,and private companies that do contract work for or recieve grants/taxbreaks from the state.The other inspector is the insurance company.I a nutshell we were sold a bill of goods and taxed to pay for it,but in the end it is still YOU and ME who are responsible for our actions.
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            Well I thought it was worth a try. Just sometimes I get the eerie feeling that something could go wrong & nobody would be around to help, just like weirdscience said. Not that i work unsafely you just never know, Thanks for the help.


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              Thank goodness that the government doesn't mandate how many employees we should have.
              We have always had a rule in the shop that no employees are to operate the punch presses if they are the only one there. Any other machine is fine.

              However, I will stay and run a press all night by myself. There is the risk that something can happen, but it is that way with all of life. I just constantly think safety and no shortcuts that compromise that safety.



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                my comany, an electric utilty, used to let people work on their own stuff at night and the weekends. Until some guy at a plant 500 miles from here got himself killed at night. no more nice company. same thing with the scrap pile. all that great scap, and if I go near it 3 times, fired.


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                  Goverment is too far up everyones butt anyways..

                  They tell me I can't have a old car, even thou I live across the street from a operating junk yard. They tell me I can't have a industrial machine here, even thou You are allowed to have a workshop.

                  Screw em.. I got a fence and a pitt bulldog.

                  AND posted signs.. And shotgun shells..

                  The laws they pass, the judges on the stand.. criminals in all if you ask me. I think the problems come from over-enthusiastic inspectors.



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                    It's sad to contemplate that private persons and business have to live in fear of the legal systems (gov't bureaucrats and laws and other private individuals).

                    You gotta get rid of junk in an approved manner, can't hire a person to work around the place without LOTS of insurance, can't afford to have a thief get injured, fearful of touching a kid, can't make insensitive comments (here we have allowed power hungry people to embarrass us with out them having any power at all), can't fill in a low spot with out worry, animal pests have rights to destroy, can not control the kids sex lives, must associate with undesirables at work places and in stores and on and on. And the power we give to the "home owners" associations (if what I hear is true).

                    We have become a nation of persons handcuffed and we love those cuffs and beg for more laws to control us. What happened to common sense and free will?


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                      You will more likely find a State law that refers to "Employees" working on machinery out of "ear shot" of help..
                      Many companies don't want the Workmans Comp exposure of having a death on the premises ,and institute the rule..
                      I have supervised several shops (both Union and non ) and would never allow machining work, but hand work would be permissable when no second person was around.
                      The theory is that a person may get cut, but can use the phone. A man pinned in a punch press or wrapped around a lathe cannot do that
                      Green Bay, WI


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                        I am a shop of one as far the state and feds are concerned. So long as I meet the electrical codes, safety codes and have several fire extinguishers on hand they don't bother me.

                        One thing I have thought about is a panic button that I can wear aorund my neck for just in case. I think my security company offers them.



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                          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">We have become a nation of persons handcuffed and we love those cuffs and beg for more laws to control us. What happened to common sense and free will?[/B]</font>
                          Didn't you realize that you are a criminal? And that you have deadly weapons in your house?

                          Every person has comitted a crime which could in principle be discovered. Many of those crimes could result in jail, fines, confiscations, etc.

                          It is only because the gov't does not enforce the laws "that way" (yet) that you aren't in jail.

                          You can go to the mall, any mall, and make a perfectly legal purchase which will likely be well under $30. But, as soon as you hit the street with your purchase, you are looking at a technical felony, in every town in the US.

                          Nice, isn't it.....I figure eventually everyone will be in jail. Or conversely, everyone NOT in jail will be the criminals.....

                          Keep eye on ball.
                          Hashim Khan


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                            I heard somewhere that in shops with less than 5 people osha dosen't apply.

                            Not much use bringing someone in to protect me if he's outside washing and detailing his car for double time anyway.

                            They want to bring someone cheap so a guy from plating is called in where I work.



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                              "Nice, isn't it.....I figure eventually everyone will be in jail. Or conversely, everyone NOT in jail will be the criminals....."

                              JT - YOU got it!!!!! The real "key" is that the "enforcers" have the "discretionary powers" to NOT enforce laws. So: make many laws. enforce them at random. Soon people learn not to offend ANY gov't agent for fear of the laws being enforced. A nation of criminals is easy to rule.

                              Soon the only real power a private citizen will possess is that of reporting the violations of others.

                              Adolf Hitler would be proud of us- we love our gestapo and beg for more chances to become criminal.