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Bicycle cone bearings?

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  • Bicycle cone bearings?

    I have a Kee lawn mower that uses Lester 20" Mag BMX wheels on the back.The bearing cups and cones are pitted and I would like the buy replacements.The cups are something like 1.161" OD and the axle is 10mm threaded.

    Any idea where I can find these?There are no bike shops close by and the one 40 miles away has nothing but what look like common ball bearings.

    Is there an online source for these?Or should I just figure on boring the rims 30mm and use common ball bearings?
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    I recently had very good luck buying parts from Harris at I needed to replace my bearings also but finally decided to replace the entire hubs front and rear on my old Schwinn.


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      Hey - it's a lawn mower right?

      clamp axle shaft in cordless drill, install pitted cone with locking nut and tighten,,, turn on grinder, put drill motor in opposite direction, hold axle at diagonal angle against edge of grinding wheel to mimic cone concave - go about this very carefully and you will be surprised at how accurate you can get to following old cone, hold angle and grind, grind till last pit is gone,,,

      then polish some,,, if it worked on many a mountain bike axle and lasted it will work on a blooming lawn mower,,,

      over 50,000 miles on my old Fisher HK-II (hoo-koo-e-koo)

      and many a cone bearing ground this way cuz either I was broke or bike store closed on a weekend...


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        Hello Wierdscience,
        If it is they are a type that is molded plastic the bearing races usually don't come out. I like AK's suggestion on the cones but if you google bicycle parts there are many online shops that sell replacement axle sets which include the cones,nuts ,washers, etc.

        As kids we use to take a piece of broom handle and rounld it on dad's grinder until it fit the race then put emery on the end and polished the pits out, one kid got some lapping compound from his dad's shop and we polished them so you could allmost see our self's in the race, so there are a couple of suggestions that might help.

        The guys are correct it is only a lawn mower you shouldn't be too worried about drag from the bad pits and poor rolling resistance, just put some grease in there and slap it back together you will never know they were bad unless you are racing this mower.

        Mr fixit for the family


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          Hmm. I have a 14 year old Son. BMX bicycles have been torn all apart in our house I like that he wants to work on his bike but WOW, bike parts everywhere.

          Some of the hubs I have seen on his mess of bikes have removable bearing races, some are formed into the hub. All of them are from china, the ones we have. Not saying thats bad but just saying the cups or races are not something I have seen available to fix a hub, might have to have family DEEP in China someplace for that item

          The type with cups that look like they could be removed are of the less expensive wheel. Almost like a formed sheetmetal race. I haven't seen any replacement races for those. The hubs that dont have the insert will prolly benny from a re-conditioning like what was said. JR


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            Just machine four adapters that fit in the pitted races so you can use standard sealed ball bearings. A bearing with a 10mm bore is going to have an OD just over one inch, so you've got plenty of room.
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              Okay,by pitted I mean so pitted they won't roll

              I'm finding cup and cone bearing sets,but none with a cup this size.Shame really they are some nice magnesium wheels.Oh well time to get boring and fit some regular ball bearings in there.Thanks for the replies!
              I just need one more tool,just one!