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    MINES...(Oredigger-mining-digging valuable stuff out of the ground) obviously you don't live in the west, since Mines is the second best engineering school next to CalTec in the western U.S. and it was also voted best value by the princton review. Too bad it's also 9th worst in the nation for cafeteria food, which is a big improvement considering we were 3rd last year as far as lathes go, I'm still not dead set on a small lathe, I'm looking into the larger lathes as well, I think I said that above. I also said that I would use the school equipment for larger peices IF I got a smaller lathe, because 95% of the work I want to do is on pieces <1" Dia. and <5" long, with no large bore holes. I'm ready for this thread to die, no one else needs to post here, I understand your advice, concerns, suggestions and am taking them into account even though you all seem to think I'm turning a deaf ear to it. My posts before were because I did not quite understand WHY the smaller lathes seem to be an anathema to you, now I understand your misgivings about their capabilities and the work I need to do. So please, let this thread die in peace...

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      Listen to these guys-Most of them know what they're talking about.
      If you say "I only need to deal with 2" whatevers and won't be going any bigger", you'll regret it later. Think of it this way, with my famous "Sawzall analogy, to wit: Before I bought my sawzall, many years ago, I hardly ever needed to use one; Soon as I bought it, I though of a bunch of ways touse that I'd never thought of before. Once you get you machines, you're gonna think of all kinds of things to do.