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How does a twin cutter work?

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  • How does a twin cutter work?

    I was looking in a magazine that showed the craftsman twin cutter and got to wondering how something like that would work. For those who haven't seen one, it's like an angle grinder, but with two blades right beside each other, spinning in opposite direcitons. It's easy enough to get the first blade spinning, but what kind of drive mechanism do they use to spin the second one since I believe that both blades are mounted on the same arbor with very minimal clearance between each other.
    I hope to see some interesting ideas here.

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    My guess is that the concentric counter-rotating shafts are driven by bevel gears on either side of the input gear attached to the motor.

    If you had a model number from one of them, you could look up the parts image at the Sears on-line parts store. You'll probably find the mechanism is not broken down into the internal parts, though.


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