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    Many wood cutting tools are easily sharpened with a file, clearly not very hard. Some obviously are not for metal, others less obviously. An auger bit is pretty obvious, but twist drills, not so much.
    CNC machines only go through the motions


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      Non clearanced twist drills for wood are not unheard of. Not so common now though.


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        Heard a presentation by an Iscar rep 7-8 yrs ago, he said that industrial milling bits/drills with lube-coolant holes down the flutes were made by cutting the flutes and holes straight then
        twisting the bit into a helix before hardening and finish grinding. Don't see any other way to make a hole down a spiral flute for coolant injection.


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          Originally posted by Stu View Post
          Here is an ugly drill bit.

          It came out of a pack of #10 jobbers bits. Does anyone know how drill bits are made?

          I have one just like that. I thought is was a reversible bit.


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            I put a drill bit in the chuck and thought it wasn't cutting very well, when I looked at it, it was a left hand drill, it cut OK when I reversed the drill. I discovered the drill was a standard part, they used to be (maybe still are) used in capstan lathes. I've also had the drills which straighten out rather than drill a hole, I think they're still available but you may have to search for them.