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Flat leather belt?

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  • Flat leather belt?

    Anyone know were to purchase 1" wide-48" long flat leather drive belt? For a South bend mod. A lathe?

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    They show up on E-bay or McMaster-Carr has them. See there web site and use "flat drive belt" in the search box.



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        Try an automotive flat belt. You would have to lift the spindle up and out of the bearings. An easy project and they bearings probably need a little adjustment. I have a short on on my small drill press and is has performed well.



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          You will hate leather. Get a composition (rubber coated canvas) belt instead.

          Grips better, but also won't loosen up in moist weather, or after a period of usage, etc. I like mine, but I am not sure where to obtain more if I need it.

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            The flat automotive belts are called serpentine belts and can be purchased at any auto parts store.

            I replaced the leather belt (on SB9) with one a month or so ago and they are great. They run a lot quieter, far less stretch, they grip great, and they will likely outlast the leather belt 10 to 1. And it's cheaper. You do need to disassemble the spindle, the back gear, and the counter shaft on the motor mount but it's not hard.

            When I did mine, I also discovered that the oilers in the headstock were worn out and had started scraping against the spindle. Thankfully I discovered it soon enough to prevent any real damage and I replaced them with new ones from Leblond (South Bend) ($12 each). I was very happy that I opened things up and found that problem before it got out of control and did real damage.

            To find out more on this subject, do a search for "Serpentine Belts" on all the forums of this site. One thing I found is that it takes a fairly heavy tension on the serpentine belt to maintain proper tracking on the flat pulleys.

            Try em, you'll like em.

            Paul A.
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              You may want to try The Leather Factory, the last I heard they own Tandy Leather. They have retail stores all over the country.



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                I bought a belt for my SB9 and it was a composite (leather working surface, a nylon outer). The 2 different adhesives were included. A real pain to install.


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                  Hudson Belt Co. in Worcester,MA, will make any size leather belt you want.
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                    If you can't find a serpentine belt to right lenght ( limited sizes in 1" ) you have a lot mor choices in 1 1/8" belts and then cut off one V section of it. I ran mine back side down for a long time.


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                      Thanks everone for the infomation, have a belt coming from McMaster-Carr, they have all kinds!! Thanks again! Mark