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Tool Post Grinder - Problem?

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  • Tool Post Grinder - Problem?

    I was grinding parts of an O-1 1 1/2 shaft today. The shaft is 26" long and supported with a follow rest (offset) and a steady rest running on a tailstock live center, 4-jaw chuck dialed to ".0000". This was the surface nearest the chuck. I was about to do the last pass on a bearing surface when I noticed the surface looked scalloped.

    Got out my magnifying glass. Dang. All the others looked perfect. No change in setup. I never left the machine. I dressed the stone for each race.

    What the heck happened?

    Grinder bearings going out?
    Stone dressed too wide?
    Headstock bearings?

    It was late. I just shut down and walked away.

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    It could be that the wheel slipped at some point after it was dressed becoming out of round.

    Or chatter from the grinder. My guess would be to try dressing the wheel so it is not so wide.

    If you have any stock left - coat it with layout dye so that you can see if it is cutting the high spots or making more scallops.
    Super Dave
    Super Dave


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      Might not be the wheel at all. Check your setup something may be a little loose.


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        CCWKEN - Did anything work for you? I am having a smilar problem.

        Ed Bryant


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          I'm too embarrassed to say. ...LOL

          I redressed the wheel with a narrower edge then faced. I was about to pull the piece out and put in a test bar... Inserted the key and grabbed with a hard grip expecting to lay into it... aaaaaaaaah-shoot. One of the chuck jaws wasn't tight.

          All that dialing in gave me brain fog I guess. I lucked out on the piece. I was able save it.

          Check and recheck. The simple stuff will bite you every time.