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Trouble shooting BP power feed X-axis

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  • Trouble shooting BP power feed X-axis

    I picked up a BP J Head some time back by the serial number it was made in 1972. I do know there is power to the power feed it looks to be an 8F unit and the fuse is good where do I go from here. Also if I should need any hard parts motor, circuit board are they still out there.


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    Most parts are still available, BUT the motor is horribly expensive ($400+ new, rare used). Actuation micro switches fail or get out of adjustment, and the electronics fail. Electronics is easy -you can have them repaired or just replace them with a couple of different 90V DC motor controllers. Often, and expensive, oil gets past the slinger, through the "sealed" bearing and burns the bushes/commutator. Invariably segments on the armature commutaor get loose and fail, and/or the insulation burns off the armature wires. Burnt oil also cause the bushes to jamb, and the heat cracks the brush holders.

    BUT.. first check that it's a 6F instead of an 8F. 1972 would make it a 6F. On the flange that bolts to the table, you will see some numbers stamped. 6F or 8F will tell you the model.

    To check your micro switches and visually inspect the electronics, just remove the long cover on the bottom of the power feed. Turn the power OFF first of course!

    BTW.. please fill in your location profile. The parts may not be available in Zimbabwe!
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      You are right the numbers below the table are 6F s27853. I live outside Portland, Oregon. There is some oil inside the housing. I am getting continuity through the toggle switch. But it does not look like I am getting any voltage through the switch if I go from the black wire to ground 115 volts and if I do continuity test between the wires I do not get a steady reading its like it just it trips out do it again and it does the same thing.