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    Originally posted by Black Forest View Post
    It would seem to me that the twisting motion on impact would not do your wrists any good. Holding loose enough for this not to be a problem seems not such a good idea for obvious reasons.
    I would agree completely, depending on the offset of the CG and or centre of mass a percentage of the foreword momentum of the "axe" has to be converted to rotational torque on the handle, the rotation would as far as i can see stop when the bump on the side hits the top of the log but I'm guessing 5 degrees, that energy that would have been available for splitting the fibres of the wood has now ended up rotating the tendons of your arms and wrists, a recipe for injury or RSI.
    I can imagine quite a shock wave in your forearms!, not well thought through, a log splitter is better if he is so uncoordinated he hits his own feet!
    Suppose his chainsaw has an abrasive rubber belt to keep him from the nasty sharp teeth, and his dig has polyurethane dentures after removing all them bitey bits.
    The world is mad, worse in Europe these days
    We have the Eurovision song contest for fun, entry no5 defies any explanation!
    I give up, can i come and live in the US please?
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      Originally posted by Baz View Post
      Poor chap has probably never seen a maul which really revolutionised my firewood splitting.
      Im with you on that as an axe is just too light for me to get any real work done - and in fact most mauls are so I built my maul from a massive sledge and took one side down on the mill (destroyed an endmill in the process) still a great sledge and now does double duty as a kinetic improviser/wood splitter.

      with the offset head in the OP im thinking lawsuit when someones elbows go bad from repetitive use, they also better put one hell of a handle on it due to all the freaky torsional forces it will be going up against,,, It IS stupid to have the heads weight off center as then you are counting on a pre-conceived amount of penetration to therefore then be manipulated by torsional forces - and guess what? not all wood is created equal - and not even all the same kind of wood is uniform, so when you go up against a tough spot you will not get any depth yet get an even more amplified torsional effect,,,

      That's just plain easy to see as a total brain fart, maybe something someone should have given a slight thought too when they were as high as a kite and then immediately correct themselves before they grabbed a pencil to even waist the time sketching it...

      It's too bad there are people building all kinds of stuff that don't have a lick of common sense esp. in the engineering department,,, but given enough free time and money to waste - well - here we are,

      it's hard to beat brute force, and there is a built in splitting action in any axe or maul simply due to the wedge, but if you must use a gadget to think somehow you have an "edge" and give yourself the illusion of being "intelligent" ---

      then at least keep your forces direct, then when the mechanism goes up against all different types of situations at least it will still behave normally - that's at least what this unit does, there are pivoting structures built on each side of the head to counteract each other - and sure now as if you don't have enough worry about losing a maul head off the handle you now have the worry about mechanisms flying off the head itself...

      but I would much rather use this "gimmick" than the POS in the OP...

      Im kinda thinking there is some effect to this unit as it does throw the wood off to the side with unusual "gusto"

      check it out as this guy almost destroys his house lol

      Still - in both this vid and the OP you are seeing extremely easy wood to split... I would not waste my time on gadgets, Go direct, sink it in deep enough and it will come apart... that's the very nature of how a wedge works...


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        Originally posted by boslab View Post
        not well thought through, a log splitter is better if he is so uncoordinated he hits his own feet!

        Ahh yes and the big sales pitch for "safety" (even though he's created a very dangerous chaotic POS) How can you hit yourself with an axe while chopping wood? is he laying the wood on the ground horizontally and trying to swing into himself whilst holding the wood with his feet?


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          I could split that wood with my hatchet. Let him try a piece with knots instead of straight grained


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            I have to laugh at all of the above, cause it's all true. LOL
            But at "only" $300US delivered it's a steal. It's just that I don't think the buyer is the one doing the stealing.
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              Originally posted by Baz View Post
              Inventor seems to be Skandinavian --
              *gringe* Finland is not part of Scandinavia. Nordic country for sure, but not Scandinavia
              Amount of experience is in direct proportion to the value of broken equipment.